“A Love that Grows” Jupiter enters Leo — July 16, 2014 to August 8, 2015

ctw1blgJupiter enters the bold and highly creative sign of Leo on July 16th, 2014. The themes move into leadership, heart-center, children, creative expression, romance and playfulness. There may be a strong urge to express and feel what is within the heart. The question is, is it the heart’s deeper wisdom and longing (Soul) or is it the immature heart (childish) running the show? This will be a part of the growth and learning now to be able to distinguish the difference before acting upon it. There is the beautiful potential of expanding joyfulness which is each person’s true nature as Soul.

Leo is a fire element and a fixed mode of energy expression. Therefore Jupiter in Leo symbolizes the expression of leadership potential, courage, generosity and big acts of kindness and of course exploring unconditional love. There may be an urge to express one’s unique style and colorfulness through various mediums. It is possible also to increase love for the self in a healthy Spiritual way as well as draw love in.

People may be social butterflies now, wanting to be free to laugh, mingle and play.  So the vibe is very optimistic, upbeat and passionate now. When life is in balance, playfulness and work compliment each other. Make room in your life for more creativity through photography, dance, painting, singing, acting or whatever draws you in. The challenge is to have courage to express yourself in the utmost authentic way. The qualities of joy, innocence, playfulness, honesty, dignity are all prominent now.

Jupiter in Leo also evokes a sense of genuine generosity, not just for the sake of an “image” but rather at its potential, real unconditional giving “without strings” is very possible for those willing to practice this. The exploration here is that unconditional love on each stage of evolution continues.

Romance and love relationships may expand and there may be a lot of “love is in the air” vibe happening as Jupiter transits through Leo. Be love and loving and thus you draw in the same love from many sources including potential romantic or life partner. If love is missing within you (lack or limitation or wounds) then you may tend to attract people who activate the awareness of where you need to heal the heart energy center. So you see there will be various ways to experience love.

The challenge is to move out of the superficial “image, roles, the many personas and masks” and be real. Be authentic and genuine in love, self-expression, leadership and so forth. The masks or images have to drop away, they are generated by the egoic mind. Soul guides each to being deeply authentic and real in every experience in life. This may be a challenge yet, it brings wonderful experiences of expansion of love, joyfulness and creative opportunities.

Fire signs (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) will absolutely be ignited by this change of Jupiter in Leo as will be Air signs (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini.) All other signs may have to work at it a bit to enjoy this experience but it is possible.

The best way to approach this transit of Jupiter in Leo: “grounded joy, love and creative expression.” Even though the urge is to go over the top, you may do so, yet seek moderation so the energy is sustained and does not burn out or you become exhausted quickly.  The key is to have moderation in all things as well as to be as authentic as possible. How will you know if you are authentic? Your wisdom will guide you if you ask and you won’t need to prove anything to anyone. You simply need to be you, kind, loving, full of integrity.

Off-balance with Jupiter in Leo:
Over inflated egos, inner child tantrums, melodramas, domineering, selfish self-centered, narcissistic, promise the world does not deliver, superficiality, false images or representation, over attachment, stretching the truth to point of being fictitious, overly willful and controlling, too loud and boisterous borderline obnoxious, false pride and overheated impulsive anger.

Ultimately Jupiter in Leo has the potential to activate your passion simply for living life, being joy itself as well as expressing your unique style and creativity. Take this opportunity to grow your confidence, increase love as well as heal the heart and Inner Child. Jupiter remains in Leo until August 2015. Meanwhile, get ready for people to be more theatrical, dramatic and even melodramatic to get attention, sometimes even at the cost of their self-respect. Maintain your dignity and know that as you are loving and authentic, empowered and honorable, the attention you will receive is one that is everlasting and richly fulfilling.

© Copyright 2014 – Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved