Celestial Twinkle: Mercury in Libra, Direct Motion – October 2014

Mercury in Libra goes Direct at 16 degrees on October 25th, 2014. This month, the main focus has been on relationships of all kinds and communication. It has brought up and highlighted the ‘off-balance’ at the core of any given relationship, personal and or business. To break it down in simplicity, the idea of being in relationship with the other person has been up for review. If there is any excessive strain or dysfunction such as co-dependence it is time to revise and transform the pattern. The main change begins within the mental energy and linear mind first before any practical steps may be taken.Since October 2014 has a pair of Eclipses, by the end of the month, some relationships will arrive to the final destination point of completion or will have to radially transform to move with the needed changes. Each may feel the shake up, breaking down and dissolving to new beginnings are contained within October 2014. It may be the simple matter of people growing apart in different directions or no longer will disrespect be tolerated.

Thus the arriving to making a clear choice, implementing it and being open to new possibilities and creating room for new relationships. In the natural progression of relationships, the main theme is evolution and healing. If two people are simply on different pages and have two different ideas of what the relationship is all about, if there is no middle ground and way to honor each other to move parallel then, the it will be difficult to sustain it. If communication has broken down in a relationship and there is no way to repair it or work with the partner through it, that may be the beginning of the end.

As you decide to leave a relationship (personal or business), you need not gossip, talk bad about or become the victim. Look at the whole piece as your Spiritual growth, that of evolution. New choices to be made, insights and lessons that are learned. Healing to be felt. And how you walk on..move forward, with integrity and love or be bitter – is your choice.

What has become obvious too with this Mercury in Libra retrograde cycle, is that one person (or more) may have been the glue keeping it all together for a very very long time. This creates an off-balance as the scales are tipped. The relationship has survived on one person holding the relationship together. What if the person no longer feels it is healthy and decides not to do it? The other person has to step up to the plate and take responsibility to do their fifty percent. If this is not an option or they resist and if it is not rectified in a healthy way, a tremendous strain is placed on one or more people. How long is will this go on?

That is a decision you must reflect on and make with wisdom and not out of impulse or irrational anger and pain. As Mercury goes Direct in Libra is makes a ‘Opposition’ to Uranus in Aries-Retrograde. This symbolizes sudden clarity, leads to new choice which may require communication to the other person or people and it may upset the status quo if there is an ending to the relationship. Sudden liberation happen with a shift in perception. Freedom is available. There is potential for communicating with loving-kindness and straight-forward assertiveness. There is no beating around the bush or being overly politically correct here with Mercury/Uranus aspect. Conflicts or opposing points of view will require communication, or resolution which could lead to an ending and change. Be clear, direct and loving in stating your needs.

Mercury in Libra will also emphasize the ‘Square’ to Pluto in Capricorn (activating the Uranus Square Pluto aspect for everyone). This suggests intensity to the words so choose wisely. The potential is, transforming fear-based perceptions and moving into empowering perceptions while communicating with patience and integrity is your responsibility. This whole configuration suggests a “call for wise pragmatic action and communicating with loving-kindness.” You are responsible for your emotions, reactions and choices which help your overall growth, healing, health and well-being. Allow others to take their responsibility. The pattern within the relationship, communication or situation may no longer be tolerable. This is a clear signal that a change must happen.

With Mercury activating the Uranus/Pluto aspect, some communications may feel out of the blue, sudden or shake the old dynamic up around relationships. There could be important revelations, disclosure of secrets or hidden information that brings awareness for or more people involved. At first there is dynamic tension that seems to build and then it peaks to bring real lasting breakthrough and change (if you are moving with the process and applying new things).

On the aftermath waves of a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio (Oct. 23rd), there are vibrations of new beginnings to support Mercury Direct in Libra. Where one window closes, another window opens or rather where one idea dissolves a new one forms. There is tremendous potential with this astrological aspect for crystal clear solutions, invigorating the mental energy and finding grounded ways to put into application the changes. Stay alert and open to new possibilities now, especially unusual ones. It is best to think outside the box and be willing to progress into unknown lands metaphorically and perhaps literally.

Mercury will re-enter Scorpio and move past its point of retrograde on November 10th, 2014. This suggests communication and information pathways in full speed of expression. Ideas or projects implemented now will have little hindrance. There is a fresh new phase for the mental energy, logical/linear mind to create and be open to new ideas. Now is the time to share, discuss or explore the deeper levels of reality. Explore the Mysteries, talk with depth of feeling and having empowering perceptions and communication with self and others.

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