Celestial Twinkle: Neptune in Pisces Direct Motion – Nov. 16th, 2014

There are subtle energy waves being felt now as Neptune is going Direct in the sign of Pisces at 4 degrees on Nov. 16th, 2014. We may notice a dissolution happening somewhere within or in life and even the urge to be in a more contemplative or meditative space while experiencing this shift of energy. Give into extra rest, sleep and dream-time for now. In this quiet gentle space you receive what you need.

The last five or so months, Neptune in Pisces has been moving through a retrograde phase, pulled inward and more introspective. Therefore there was time to assimilate and digest the experiences this transit brought forth.

As Neptune in Pisces continues its transit, it brings up relevant themes around Spirituality, Mystical, Compassion, Love, Forgiveness and Inspiration. Being gentle rather than super critical and harsh is a must now. This wonderful astrological cycle of development symbolizes and may bring up sensitivity, emotionally and even at times physically yet it heightens sensations and allows one to transcend the normal limitations into a more Cosmic reality.

It may sound blissful and heavenly, and it is, yet that same bliss and beautiful experiences are meant to be felt here on the Earth too. Dream symbolism may hold or contain important Spiritual insights and healing now. Pay attention and feel into the symbolism than over-analyze it. To connect more fully into the Spiritual, it happens through clear feeling rather than the intellect or mind and at it potential, Neptune in Pisces helps support the “feeling” and accessing various levels of intuition.

Some sensations that may arise now are, a subtle fog, confusion, desire to be in stillness or spaciness that is experienced.  If you are undergoing a precise Neptune in Pisces symbolically activating something in your Natal Chart, you may be feeling this very strongly. As much as it feels confusing,  there is rich potential for renewal and re-emergence. Watch for allergic reactions to drugs, alcohol and food. Simply monitor what needs to alter with love and gentleness and not based in fear. Take extra rest and sleep when necessary and increase self-care now.

Neptune in Pisces symbolism suggests dissolving whatever is no longer serving your greater good and well-being on every level. This transit of Neptune in Pisces may evoke a feeling in people to question their connection to the Divine, how strong it is and if there is even a relationship in place.

The transit of Neptune in Pisces brings awareness, experiences and even lessons around love without conditions, compassion, forgiveness and healing, surrender to the Divine as well as dissolving illusions and delusions that keeps one stagnated in life. Holding onto illusions or delusions takes energy and is based in fear rather than love. Either an individual may feel a strong pull to continue to engage in escapism tendencies or be evasive under this astrological transit or direct the energies in a powerful way to feel into the sensations, gather insights and being with the issue until it starts to melt, shift and ultimately dissolve into love.

To surrender into the Divine, a deep acceptance requires courage and faith. It is a feeling and knowingness that the non-physical is the essence to the form, that the Sacred energy or Divine is the guiding light in our lives no matter if we are happy or enduring the most difficult of circumstances. Soul, the Divine is always supporting us to evolve, to heal and to live out our highest potential upon the Earth. Yet the key is to bring greater fluidity and union between the Divine and human self, between Soul and Human into oneness. It has always been in oneness yet the egoic mind has created and nurtured division to appear as if there is a great disconnect or separation.

No matter how much the ego/mind attempts to control Neptune in Pisces transit, it seems to slip out of one’s grip. This transit is best felt and experienced with an acceptance to “flow” and be the flow of energy rather than control it through a linear state of mind. Then each person may learn how to better accept the state of consciousness of “Beingness” than doing or analyzing.

The transit of Neptune in Pisces brings wonderful wisdom, greater emotional awareness and sensitivity, living from a heart space and acceptance with wisdom knowing that whatever happens in life is not there to make you more miserable, rather it is there to point out where you may be out of the “flow” with Life and out of alignment with your Soul.

So take time to be quiet, in stillness and enjoy the meditative state. Find ways to channel the inspiration and creative energy that also is accessible with Neptune in Pisces. What or who inspires you? What type of choices help you express inspiration in life and to others?  With this symbolic shift of Neptune in Pisces, there is nothing to do, only to “Be.” Keep both feet upon the Earth and allow the greater Cosmic energy to flow through you and into your life and Earth now.

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