Celestial Twinkle: Chiron in Pisces – Direct Motion November 23rd, 2014

Chiron’s symbolism is important from my perspective. It represents healing and the return to the wholeness of our true nature. Chiron’s symbolism in astrology is the wounded healer, teacher, shaman and maverick has been transiting through the mystical Spiritual sign of Pisces. Chiron in Pisces is now in Direct motion at 13 degrees. or outward and expressive again as of November 23rd, 2014

Whatever the pain, suffering or wounds are, they will surface for the next layer of healing and dissolution of illusion surrounding the wound or suffering. It will require each person to be an active participant and delve into the emotions and feelings. What is at the core of the wound? How is the pain imposed onto situations? With Chiron’s transit through ultra sensitive sign of Pisces, we will be challenged to be compassionate, gentle and tender through the process with themselves and others. Learning about acceptance and perceiving the issue from a higher perspective will support the healing process.

Being an Energy Healer, I’ve learned the value of patience with the healing journey. We can’t rush the clearing of deep trauma whether it is present lifetime or past lifetime. It is an organic process, going through various healing stages, revealing many insights and important lessons along the way.

Chiron in Pisces’s symbolism promotes heath and well-being and alternative paths of healing, at times complimenting traditional medicine. If we allow it and feel it, Divine Grace supports the journey to wholeness. There are signals from Life all the time what needs to heal. It is up to us to slow down and pay attention.

We must recognize what keeps us divided from our Consciousness and the Divine. Meditation is a wonderful way to work with and support the transit of Chiron in Pisces. It helps to expand awareness, quiet down the mind and “BE” in the moment. What are the limitations, illusions and delusions? What are the hidden distortions and the fears that keep us tangled and pulled away from love?

It is easy to avoid, numb or desire to escape addressing the pain and suffering. It takes courage and a point of surrender to dive into the heart of it and come through at a higher level of awareness and vitality. One of the key points with Chiron in Pisces, a “wound or separation from the Divine”  and this is the illusion.

The Divine has not abandoned anyone, rather, in our ignorance and desire to be distracted, we may have strayed away from the Divine and our true nature. At any moment, a choice is presented to return to the wholeness and fullness of our real Self as Soul. And this choice and action will instantly begin to reconnect you to the Divine and Soul.

The healing brings us in touch with clearing traumas, pains and sufferings on every level of our being and from our cellular memory through our energetic system (known as the chakras). Holding onto pain is a choice. Healing is a loving choice. Love yourself enough to heal and release all that no longer serves your greater good. As you heal, you send healing into the world. Find a trusted Energy Healer that will best support your process as there are many types of Energy Healers out there.

Chiron in Pisces reminds each to engage in healing with loving-kindness and the acknowledgement the bigger Cosmic picture of healing and then bringing that in the body and onto the Earth (being grounded). The potential with Chiron in Pisces is ‘union with the Divine’ on every level and an ease and fluidity in the healing process. Feelings and emotions are a vital part of Chiron’s transit through Pisces.

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