“Establishing Trust” Sixth of Seven – Uranus ‘Square’ Pluto December 14th/15th, 2014

We are in the heart of the symbolic storm of change and highly creative raw potential as we fast approach the sixth aspect and symbolic activation of Uranus in Aries – retrograde ‘Square’ Pluto in Capricorn at 12 degrees on December 14th/15th, 2014. As always, astrological aspects are not a one day event, rather, like a wave in the Ocean that builds and then peaks, astrological aspects have a similar pattern. Yet this particular major astrological transit will leave portion untouched. Everything changes and sometimes in extreme ways with Uranus/Pluto square.

As this stage of the major astrological aspect between Uranus ‘Square’ Pluto, the themes and issues are very familiar to each of us that have been consciously addressing and growing alongside of this aspect for the last two years or so.

As the most important issue(s) and situations rise up right now, it is helpful to establish trust in the process. Whatever is there, whatever is happening “trust” in the higher order and the Divine that all is unfolding perfectly and we are being guided. Some situations may require a new level of trust which begins with a fresh perspective.

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The main focus right now is ‘catharsis’ and clearing or cleansing on every level of our being and life of whatever is no longer healthy, helpful and of value on our path to expressing our higher potential in life. Whatever we are clinging to that is outworn, this aspect’s symbolic energy pushes on to the point of we have to trust and let go. Energy never dies, it only transforms. With that higher truth in place, one letting go opens the doorway to something else to be born no matter what area of life it is in or happening deeply inside of us.

The caterpillar has not said “Oh look how easy it is to go from being a caterpillar into a butterfly as it changed from one form into something else completely.” It is helpful to keep in mind that while w are in the thick of the energies, we may be subjective and not really appreciating the depth, beauty and magnitude of what is happening with the Uranus/Pluto transit.

It is very likely that our personal metamorphosis may feel chaotic, painful and very uncomfortable. Breathe and allow it, know it won’t last and it is a moving energetic flow. Then we are moving along with it all than clenching down and blocking the flow of energy. Truly, we may not be in control over the evolutionary force or how long things last in the growth and or healing, yet we have the option to make a conscious powerful choice to move with ease and effortlessness through non-resistance and knowing we are guided and supported by all of life and the Divine.

Yes,  survival issues are up now for some people. Money, job, health, life/death…”Can I survive? “Will I or this relationship make it?” Transforming this into a higher perspective is, “What is the main Spiritual insight and purpose of this issue or situation? What am I learning about empowerment and trust?  How may I be empowered and understand that this is helping me to outgrow one into another?

What are the steps to really live and thrive in my life than merely survive it?”  These are helpful ways to begin to perceive issue/situation from a higher point of view (rising beyond dualistic thinking of right/wrong and good and bad of the egoic mind). Yes you will make it through. You are an empowered being as Soul, you can choose to express from this point to help yourself and your life.

Uranus/Pluto Square suggests deep internal pressure and tension building to its peak almost demanding attention for transformation and change. This major transit signifies upheaval and upsetting the status quo. So deep-seated fears, anxieties, worries, addictive tendencies arise easily as these are in the way of trusting Life and the Divine that this is part of the unfolding to expand Consciousness and love on the planet and in yourself as well as in our life. It is a no-nonsense energy with a driven focus and with such extraordinarily raw potential as well. Yet the old order, way of life, self-image, relationship, habit whatever..has to go. It leaves space for something else to appear. The main key: Evolution.

What is the potential of Uranus/Pluto transit? in a nutshell, accelerated intensified metamorphosis and growth into uncharted territory. There is such amazing potential with this raw creative energy, and we can appreciate it when we are not busy distracting ourselves from really witnessing and using it. This creative potential of Uranus/Pluto transit may be channeled into something useful and constructive. One becomes confident, assertive and empowered to express more consciously and freely. The freedom from limitations and fears occurs as lifetime after lifetime’s discordant energies and patterns are peeled away until what remains is new healthy energy and potential to create something fresh.

It may appear things are delayed yet if you could witness the depth, intensity and far-reaching Spiritual effects beyond the limited perspective of the human mind, you would be in awe and amazement. This transit is happening at the most needed time in Earth’s history and for the greater good of the collective Consciousness on the planet. As one opens their heart

It is important to be conscious about our choices, motivations and behaviors and how they may impact the world around us now. How they impact ourselves and our own healing and well-being too. Through being more conscious, you ask …am I generating more joy and love or creating more stress and chaos?” “Am I establishing trust or sitting in self-pity, victim-hood or denial?”  Meditation, taking Spiritual classes or taking a walk in Nature will help you gain clarity and regroup. Let yourself explore new ways and possibilities outside the comfort-zone that may be stifling your growth and healing.

For the month of December 2014 into early January 2015 the energies do not slow down and will experience the Uranus/Pluto square in strong waves continuously. One week after the sixth aspect of Uranus Square Pluto (Dec. 15th,2014), transiting Uranus in Aries goes Direct at 12 degrees on December 21st, 2014. It will be one potent Solstice this year as the energies suddenly shift and become electric. JOIN US for the Dec. 21st, 2014 “ASCENDING HIGHER – Global Gathering and Meditation” WEBINAR

We still have one more major aspect of Uranus Square Pluto transit in March of 2015. We are not fully in the rebirth phase yet. Be patient. All good things happen as the moment is ripe.

Meanwhile, take this seriously rather than sitting in denial. Do what you know you are being guided to do to use the best of the potentials now. Some things are still left undefined or without set plans. Let them be. Take small steps to move forward, free of the egoic mind’s expectations and impositions. Most of all establish trust in that even if you don’t fully understand, the clarity will happen in the aftermath. After all, this cycle of development is about progress, liberation and evolution.

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