“The Culmination” – Uranus “Square” Pluto Transit – March 16th, 2015

It has been an arduous and possibly hair-raising journey, to say the least, moving through the potent Uranus in Aries ‘Square’ Pluto in Capricorn transit for the past two years. The final or seventh aspect of seven symbolic activations of Uranus ‘Square’ Pluto occurs on March 16th, 2015. There may be still powerful purging and deep rumblings yet it will not be the same as the middle part or core of this astrological cycle of development. As this transit completes, welcome the finishing touches and preparing for major rebirth and awakening which is exciting.

What was deeply buried and stored in the unconscious both collectively and individually was brought to the surface of conscious awareness. There is no denying the “being under fire” through this transit, in fact, habit of denial was being squeezed until an acknowledgment was made.The nasty, disowned, forgotten, buried and rejected was brought onto the wide-screen. Secrets, fear, compulsive behaviors, corruption, abuse, destructive addictive behaviors and unconscious patterns were unearthed. Very thick layers of density; restlessness, rage and violence, revolts, shocking revelations and unresolved stuff that was next in line to be addressed has been brought to everyone’s attention for better or worse. At the same time big earth changes have been ongoing to show on a physical level confirming there are changes taking place.

From an evolutionary standpoint, the symbolism of the transit of Uranus ‘Square’ Pluto  suggested massive changes taking place on many levels within consciousness – all at once with intensity in a short period of time. It is time to reclaim your empowerment and act with integrity.

From an evolutionary  or Spiritual standpoint the Uranus ‘Square’ Pluto transit has brought an intensified acceleration that was most needed now. Old paradigms are crumbling. New paradigms are organically forming. People may still be in a daze and confused place as the final touches of this transit are happening.

Taking a closer look at the “square” aspect in astrology, it suggests inner friction, tension and limitations, though in the end this aspect produces results and brings things into tangible reality. It may be frustrating and full of so-called delays, yet the slowing down is vital to awareness and the transformation process. What feel inhibited initially, with sincere efforts will lead to freedom and powerfully moving into mastery.

What has been your approach to this potent transit of Uranus ‘Square’ Pluto? Total reaction or responsive?

The range of the symbolic waves of change with the Uranus ‘Square’ Pluto begin now, early March 2015 through about end of April 2015. In between What symbolically activates these points are faster moving planets such as Venus, Mars, Mercury plus the Sun and the Lunar Eclipse in Libra on April 4th, 2015. Don’t forget Jupiter in Leo going Direct and Pluto in Capricorn shifting into Retrograde phase in April 2015 will also re-activate the major aspect.

Expect the unexpected into April 2015. Be open to new approaches and letting go of old fear-based control methods. Be open to expanding and embarking on a new path or adventure.

Jupiter in Leo (currently retrograde) will be bringing symbolic or literal blessings and abundant joy to the Uranus/Pluto transit. Expect “a lot of…” everything. As much as intensified change is taking place there are big pockets of joy and laughter readily available. Growth and healing may happen with gracefulness and joy if you allow it to.

Though for some it may stir up things in a massive way. It all depends on your Natal Chart and how the current transits/trends influence things. Book your personalized Reading or Session with Dipali to find out more.

Uranus in Aries ‘Square’ Pluto in Capricorn in its seventh of seven aspects, will now bring the final remnants and debris for transformation and healing. Yes there may be a massive purge and symbolic or literal detox happening like all the other times when this transit was really active. There will also be a strong nudge towards bringing into reality the genuine changes one desires to implement. Yet it will require sincere effort and application in a grounded way. Some situations or areas of life may not be defined right away and so trust will play a big role. Trust in the fact that Life will bring clarity and defined outline when the timing is appropriate. Until then, keep moving ahead.

Transiting Jupiter in Leo currently retrograde (and will go direct in early April 2015) makes an ‘inconjunct’ aspect to Pluto in Capricorn suggesting there may be a lot of “redirect and readjust energy, focus and attention.” It is imperative as to where one is in alignment with empowerment and integrity and where it needs to be fine tuned. Jupiter in Leo symbolism added to the Uranus/Pluto transit symbolizes it is best to use wisdom and know when and where to wield one’s power to ensure harmony or win/win outcome. Some issues may appear magnified just so it is easier to identify and work on.

The challenges may include being assertive, liberating yourself from pre-existing stifling or fear-based situations or issues, allowing hidden or unresolved energies to purge and clear out, to acknowledge issues rather than burying your head in the sand of denial, deeply heal to access more love, joy and creative expression, deepen trust and faith in the non-visible dimension which supports the physical dimension of reality, getting realistic and grounded with new lifestyle changes, aligning and expressing with utmost integrity, face your fears and overcome them with greater understanding and gain wisdom, integrate fancy concepts into daily life and so forth. It may be a up close and personal look at what is no longer bringing you joy and what could change to expand joy in every day life.

Extreme Off-Balance Expression of the Transit: It is very possible some people may react, become erratic, express rage or sit in angst and others retract or recoil in fear. Whatever needs to come up for awareness, transformation and healing will. Welcome this package for it is a Spiritual gift in disguise. There may be anger, agitation, extreme restlessness, next layer of secrets or buried issues surfacing. People may be overly selfish and self-involved not having any awareness of anything or anyone around them. There may be sudden departures, endings in relationships, deaths both literal and symbolic.

The transit of Uranus/Pluto has certainly be a strong imprint in consciousness, one that states “Call to Action Now!” It will go down in history as a major acceleration turning point. There was no half way or mediocre with Uranus in Aries ‘square’ Pluto in Capricorn transit, it was “all or nothing” mode. It is important to express with integrity, deepen trust, be empowered and assertive wherever needed. These are the gifts bestowed upon each from the Uranus/Pluto transit. New guidelines and boundaries must be put in place now for overall healthy way of expression and living.

Things will not be the same in the end, whatever this transit touched it went from the core to the outer level. Like the caterpillar emerging as a butterfly from the cocoon through a major intensified process, so too will many experience this new state of being. The refreshing phase of rebirth, resurrection and emergence will begin to happen as the tail end of the transit completes and moves out of range by degrees. Over this next year into early 2016, everyone may notice the fresh new phase and brilliant new opportunities presenting themselves. It is a magnificent time to be alive upon the Earth, what a gift to be a part of the dynamic changes happening now. Embrace change, for change is constant.

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