Overview: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Libra – April 4th, 2015

Like a crackling lightening bolt descending from the sky, allow for whatever is important to be illuminated and to be revealed. Expect the unexpected is the theme On April 4th, 2015, we arrive to the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Libra at 15 degrees. This one will be symbolically bursting with interesting energies. The area of relationships and partnerships of all kinds are about to undergo a major shake up to wake up.” The technical breakdown is:

The Full Moon in Libra is very closely connected to Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn all at 15 degrees creating a “T-square” aspect (dynamic tension). While transiting Jupiter in Leo retrograde adds a symbolic “big” dose of energy to the whole configuration. The pace will quicken, tensions increase until the peak is reached and then the breakthroughs will fall into place and be experienced.

Each will be symbolically driven, nudged and prompted to release what is no longer serving one’s highest good in the moment. Whatever emotions have been, buried, denied or restrained may tumble out in a major way now as the emotional level is of focus under the Full Moon phase. Some decision or action may be required to shift from the stagnant place into liberation. Energy never dies, only transforms. What leaves your life, something else will birth. Whatever is revealed will be significant and perhaps shocking or surprising. It may snap you out of the auto-pilot zone and into a more conscious state of being.

Major realizations and transformations are possible as well. This can be an extremely liberating experience on an emotional level as well as other areas. Direct, wise, loving approach is key now. Be patient with timing as things click into place. Do not dwell in fear of the worst when reading things about the Lunar Eclipse or any astrological transits.

For each astrological aspect signifies rich potential of what could be beneficial and of value. Use the understanding to help you glide through the waves of change informed and with ease. It is your choice and free will as to how you will direct the potential and experience them in your life. Full Moon phase in Astrology, represents illumination of whatever has been hidden within the subconscious. As an example during a full moon phase, a habitual tendency, emotional pain, buried memories and so forth comes up into awareness for emotional processing and healing now. In astrology, a lunar eclipse occurs during a full moon phase and it symbolizes a time of ‘endings, letting go, major change, dissolving walls or barriers and completion.”

There may be major revisions and the need for evaluating the options now. The waves of change that begin on the day of the Lunar Eclipse unfold over about six month period. The Sun is in Aries ‘opposes’ the Moon in Libra, suggesting a time of learning about the delicate art of giving and receiving between individual (Aries) needs and relationship (Libra) needs.

The key here is to harmonize rather than perpetuate the conflict or strife. There is a way to compromise in a fair loving manner that benefits everyone. You simply have to open yourself to finding that solution. The astrological sign of Libra is an air element and cardinal mode of energy expression. Libra symbolizes love, giving and receiving, diplomacy, tact, balance and of course harmony. Libra provides the potential to embody natural refinement and beauty. The sign of Libra knows how to handle tough situations, it does so with grace and an iron fist inside of a black velvet glove.

With this astrological sign, the tendency is to weigh things out before making drastic decisions and actions. This quality will help ensure that all is fair and there are no regrets once the choice is made or action is taken. The themes or issues that come up now are related to Libra/Aries axis since the Full Moon is in Libra. Relationships and partnerships, the “I and We” will be of focus now. Someone from the past may suddenly appear to re-ignite romance or a relationship.

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Libra symbolizes the need for more conscious awareness around cooperation, harmony and balance within relationships both within self and others. It is about the “We Consciousness.” Through relating with others, human, animals and so forth tremendous insights occur within the self.

Balancing both sides of the brain, left and right or logical and intuitive is helpful too. Something will be clearly illuminated now bringing the precise insight to what is ready for transformation and big change. If you have any Natal Planets situated between 12 degrees to 15 degrees to 18 degrees in Cardinal Signs: Libra/Aries/Cancer/Capricorn — be prepared to directly notice the “burst” and be activated in some pretty intense and significant way.

Everyone and all astrological signs will feel the energy and experience things now. How this relates to you and your life depends on how the aspects are set up in your Natal Chart. Having a private Astrological reading with Dipali will help offer you more personalized insight and clarity.

An area of life could be shaken up from its status quo of being dormant to suddenly coming to life, a relationship/partnership suddenly dissolves, changes or comes to a completion. Or sudden closure of one way of earning money, opens the door to a new path and way. Whatever is off-balance becomes more obvious. You may be ready to relinquish a deep-seated fear around love and relationships or money.

A change from selfishness to cooperation is possible or a stifling part of a relationship has to undergo major transformation for the next stage. If the scales are tipped to one side or the other for an extended period of time, a strong need to re-balance may appear out of the blue. Unusual breakthroughs and relevant information helps bring ease in closure or decision-making. These are just a few examples. Something or someone may suddenly or unexpectedly say or do something that upsets the status quo now.

It may be shocking, surprising and even down right upsetting or unsettling. This changes the dynamic and also brings choices onto the forefront. There will be potential for fresh new energy and beginnings afterwards. It is possible to have plans or projects that abruptly change direction or focus as well.  Think realistically and allow for patience to really receiving and listening to what the other person is saying.

The ability to concentrate and look at a higher perspective or bigger picture is strong now. Learning how to be thankful, verbalize it with a sense of genuineness and to stay in the heart space honoring both sadness and love is possible and can be applied in a grounded now. Stay flexible and open to last-minute adjustments or changes few days before and after the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Libra. You may not be in control over others or events yet you are in full control over how you respond and handle the issue or situation.

One way to use the potential of the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Libra is “Thankful Diplomatic Endings.” During this phase, something will come to a conclusion, a chapter in life, a relationship or partnership may end or come to a final completion. Endings signify new beginnings as well. From a Spiritual perspective, be thankful for what has arrived in yourself or life and whatever or whomever is ready to depart or has suddenly departed. For this issue, person or situation is or has been in your life by a higher design. It or they have been there to serve as a ‘catalyst’ for your awareness, healing and overall evolution (yes even if the person does not realize their role). How you choose to end, change or dissolve something is up to you. Yet you may want to work alongside the theme of diplomacy with the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Libra and choose to create a win/win resolution for all involved.

Allow for a deep emotional release and compassionately be there for yourself or others. From a higher perspective, Life does not bring things that waste time. Each situation and relationship has purpose though it is up to you to observe what that is using your wisdom – or not. The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse brings the message “Thankful Diplomatic Endings” out of gratitude and deep appreciation, new doors open, new possibilities are just within reach.

Thanks for reading this article! Wishes for a harmony filled Full Moon in Libra and Lunar Eclipse.

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  1. Hi Olivia,
    If you have an accurate Natal Chart that would help so you don’t get more confused 🙂 Yes if you have your 4th house Cusp and 10th house Cusp at 14 deg. The Lunar Eclipse would tend to activate both your home/personal life and work/professional life. A letting go or major restructuring for something fresh and new to materialize 🙂 Eventually, having a reading with a trusted Astrologer will help you as it provides greater clarity and helps you to make informed decisions.

    All the best on the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse!

  2. This was such a deeply insightful yet easy to understand interpretation of this next month. Thanks so much. Your blog has been book marked 🙂

    1. Hi LeoRising,
      Thank you very much. I’m glad the article was of value. Online classes related to astrology are similar format 🙂 If you feel so motivated to take part. Thanks for bookmarking it. Have a great Lunar Eclipse in Libra!

      All the very best

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