“Pragmatic Creative Expression” Venus/Pluto symbolism suggests…

Take notice of the ease and harmony around expressing creative energy in a down to earth way. Being pragmatic and realistic while relating to others will happen naturally now. Venus in Taurus ‘trine’ Pluto in Capricorn (while activating the square to Uranus in Aries).

There is a powerful creative urge to birth or offer something in a tangible form. Through a disruption or intense shift, there is more receptivity. Through this action based in love and empowerment, self and others will sense the support and there is joy in the outcome. To implement trust in a grounded way for yourself or with others is a great way to use this energy. Patience is easier to access now. The desire to be physically affectionate and provide healing touch to loved ones or friends may be strong now. Romantic encounters are strongly highlighted as there is an urge to merge and to have a sensual experience on many levels.

This energy begins to build. From March 26th through and becomes exact on March 30th, 2015.

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