Pluto Transits: Pluto’s Transit through the Natal Seventh House

Pluto’s symbolism, is important when interpreting the Natal Chart and when working with current trends and Transits. Most people gasp when they hear something about Pluto in the Chart(s). There is nothing to be fearful of. From my perspective Pluto’s symbolism is extremely valuable for a person’s evolution and healing.  How this transit will influence you and your life depends on how you choose to perceive it, work with it, resist it and so forth.

Pluto represents death, dying, destruction, taboo subjects, mystery of life, rebirth, resurrection, rebirth and of course empowerment.  Pluto is essential in on the path of self-discovery and self-realization. Through the transits of Pluto, each becomes stripped bare of the dysfunctional conditioning and distortions until all that remains is pure Consciousness. Yes, the egoic mind may indeed squirm and resist this transit. Yet, one can be the silent witness to the beauty and freedom of this phase of development too.

Each planet’s transit through the Natal Chart houses in Astrology is unique and provides certain key elements in the bigger picture. Let’s take a look at the transit of Pluto’s transit through the Natal 7th House. Is it doom and gloom for relationships? Or is there something magical, alchemical and deeply profound that occurs in the 7th House within the Natal Chart.

From my perspective, I will share with you a general view of Pluto’s transit through the Natal 7th House.

The Natal 7th House represents the “We Consciousness.” We learn about ourselves through the other and relating to others as well as all of live. Relationships are designed to help us heal and return to a state of wholeness and empowerment. The 7th House is about One to One relationships as well as marriage, partnerships of all kinds including business as well as open enemies.

Now, enters the planet that represents deep transformation and transmutation – Pluto.  One word describes the initial greeting of Pluto: intense.

Trust Pluto or at least trust there is a higher purpose to things under Pluto’s transit.  There is no need to swoon in fear or faint at the mere thought of Pluto’s transit through your Natal 7th House.

Although One to One relationships will be the “cauldron” where the greatest transformation and transmutation and shedding of the superficial layers of symbolic skin and defensive guards will occur under this phase of development. The people that enter our lives now will be catalysts for the depth of change and healing as we will be for them.

It is all or nothing now. We may be drawn to certain magnetic mysterious pull towards particular people or person. Be open and curious and of course discerning. Allow trust to develop slowly and naturally before you give of yourself completely or invest in the relationship.

With potential romantic or marriage partners, we will want all or nothing. For example, we want to be in the relationship all the way committed or not. The partner needs to be fully on board and desiring to be desiring the same.  There may not be a in between or wishy washy approach when it comes to intimate relationship. Although we may have to find the middle ground to establish stability of some kind. When we are genuinely empowered and know ourselves as Soul, we will not allow another to dominate or control us in a way that is unhealthy or disrespectful.

When relating to another with transiting Pluto in the Natal 7th House, we get to perceive with “x-ray vision” how much we trust ourselves, where there is no trust as well as any other psychological mechanisms that pop up, when we shift into extreme suspicion or paranoia mode and so forth.

This transit of Pluto through the Natal 7th House is highly valuable and nothing to fear. In fact, we must dismantle our fears when it comes to love, partnership, marriage, sexuality and intimacy. Pluto’s transit in this house provides the key ingredients for this to happen so welcome it.

As much as there may be intense fears or out of control feeling arising, there may be intense love that appears for those who are seeking a romantic partner. There is a give and take but always with fairness and balance as required in the Natal 7th House. If a relationship is unfair, disrespectful, dominating or extremely off-balance, we may no longer be able to be able to tolerate it and thus it leaves our lives – permanently. How one processes this transit also depends on one’s maturity and level of consciousness.

We may have to risk being exposed to the core to experience depths of intimacy and Soul-level unconditional love that has never been felt before. It may be worthwhile as long as you can trust yourself to know the signals of when to take care of yourself instead of becoming lost inside of the spin of emotions. We will be examining and inquiring just how much power we give another or others and how empowered we are in relationships of all kinds.

In One to One relationships, as we look into the eyes of another – do we see the Divine in them? Soul to Soul connection is very possible, rather the profound experience of having a Soul to Soul connection utterly transforms both people and reminds them to feel and experience beyond the ego and physical world.

As Pluto transits through the 7th House by transit, this area of life may go through a symbolic or literal complete demolition and deconstruction, that is relationships that are no longer in resonance with our highest good and evolution may whither away and die natural death.

Yes, you know…. “letting go” of what and who is unhealthy or addictive to be around or is not trustworthy. This detox and purge is great and the least amount of resistance will be helpful. Thus this cleansing creates space for new and more valuable relationships to enter.

It is one thing to say we want an intimate partner, and when they appear in their full glory, loving, intense and ready to take us further on our evolution… are we ready to let go of control? Are we ready to be authentic and real? Are we ready to commit, or is there a fear that arises?

Are we ready to allow the other person into our inner world or do we have symbolic “traps” set up for self-protection? Some traps or coping mechanisms or unresolved wounds may be too much for another to get across and get to know us, the real us.  Pluto’s transit certainly will help assist us in breaking free of self-imposed limitations and shackles when it comes to love and intimacy (Natal 7th House).

It is helpful to take a look at where, how and why we compromise or negotiate our Spirit away leaving bitter taste in one’s mouth and blaming the other for betrayal. This is not building inner trust, rather it is sabotaging it. The people that enter our lives under this transit of Pluto in the Natal 7th House are catalysts for experiencing deeper levels of intimacy, trust and of course opportunities to reclaim one’s power rather than giving it away to an external source. We get to practice remaining empowered and aligned with Soul or our wisdom self while relating to others or in a relationship of any type.

The off-balance: with Pluto’s transit through the Natal 7th House is:  there can be individuals that we encounter that may be obsessed (in rare and extreme cases stalkers) who appear magnetized to you to challenge you to remain empowered rather than remaining weak and being victimized. Or the tables are turned and you are the one obsessing over the “Other.” Either way – be wise and take your time to build trust. There may be issues or situations that involved: power, control, manipulation, addictive relationship, sexuality, codependency and trust. There may be challenges to deepen intimacy on all levels as well as learn to be open and vulnerable while being in a relationship. Allowing another person in, to get to know the real you is part and parcel of this transit.

The other thing to note is the first few aspects of the transits may be or feel difficult as things are breaking down and being exposed. The reaction of the egoic mind is strong and possibly will blame, resist, and twist things. It happens. Pluto’s symbolism and transit promises total metamorphosis. It does not promise it will be easy the whole time.

Ultimately, Pluto’s transit through the Natal 7th House will be a massive transfiguration of this area of life, and of course a wonderful re-birthing and resurrecting. Have no doubt, this area of life will become better, stronger and empowered than before.  Pluto’s transit through the Natal 7th House will provide the opportunity for you to be empowered when relating to others and to potentially have trustworthy partner/partnerships.

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  1. Hi Nate,
    It’s an article on Pluto’s transit through the Natal 7th House, not a report.

    I appreciate you sharing your transit of Pluto in the Natal 7th.

    I encourage you not to view others as enemy’s rather see what lesson you are learning through the Other person/people. The lesson is designed to help empower you, yet you have to first see where you in relationships (of all kinds) are feeling like a victim and giving your power away or stuck in pain that is unresolved (so the lesson repeats in various forms). That is more helpful than getting stuck on the negativity and suspicion with a Pluto transit. Take the opportunity to learn to heal the past, learn from the lessons and mistakes and then grow and mature with greater love and trust.

    If you want more personalized guidance on your Astrology Transits and upcoming trends in your life, you would have to schedule a paid private Astrological consultation.

    All the best.

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