“Union of Two” Mercury Retrograde in Gemini May 18th, 2015

If you are a person who loves to share ideas, learn new things and talk, then you may want to pay special attention to this article. Mercury entered the information based sign of Gemini on April 30th, 2015. Mercury will remain in Gemini for an extended stay due to the upcoming retrograde phase. Mercury is the planet that symbolizes thought processes, communication, study and learning. Gemini is an air element and a mutual mode of energy expression. Mercury’s transit through Gemini symbolizes at its potential an inquisitive flexible mind which loves to share ideas and acquire new information. This is a great transit to be social, network, reach out into the community with your ideas and learn from listening from other people’s experiences. Mercury in Gemini suggests stimulating multi-layered conversations covering many topics perhaps all at once. The mental processes are geared towards multi-tasking. It is like an all access pass to a massive library, or mega computer bank’s data base. It all becomes very interesting to Mercury in Gemini. There is a chance of becoming bored and fickle if all one is looking for is surface level data. This transit of Mercury in Gemini and the Retrograde phase may bring up how the mind engages in “dualistic thinking” on a daily basis. It is the never-ending, right and wrong, black and white, up and down, left and right, good and bad. How often do you perceive from this level? Take notice. How does one keep working with the potential of Mercury in Gemini so it remains attentive? That is a good question. Tell an interesting factual story and a variety of points of view that captures the interest and gets the mental processes computing. That does not mean make things up, unless it is “story time” and you are intentionally conveying story based in fiction. Mercury in Gemini likes facts and interesting tidbits that it can then share with others, keep that in mind. Mercury in Gemini, at its potential, once it has the proper real facts then the decision is easier to make. When Mercury in Gemini s Off-Balance: It is possible for the mind to be overly scattered, lacks discernment, engages in gossip behind other people’s back, bends the truth to fit its agenda, may not relay facts properly and makes things up as well as engages too much in dualistic thinking (right/wrong, good/bad, positive, negative, this/that, he said/she said, all these angles etc) which becomes paralyzing to the mind in making decisions.

Mercury begins its retrograde from May 18th, 2015  and goes Direct on June 11th, 2015. Mercury will move between 13º Gemini – back to 04º Gemini Use the next three weeks to reawaken, restore, reflect, review, redo and so forth, all the “re” activities under a Mercury Retrograde is the way to go. There may be many insights that manifest. If there are setbacks or delays, just go with the flow and be receptive or flexible with changes in schedule, appointments and leave plenty of room in between appointments to be safe. It is possible to vacillate, be scattered, double minded, experience mental fogginess or vague in your thinking during the course of this particular

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. Therefore, check facts, data and information before jumping to conclusions or pointing fingers. You may find that you don’t have all the information to see the bigger picture of what is happening. Slow down to read all important details and take your time triple read things before you sign any important documents. Planets do not cause anything. They symbolize things within Consciousness to help each understand and go with the flow for evolution. How you choose to speak about this astrological cycle or any others and think about it will either support you or create more chaos and irritations.

Mercury’s not to Blame Do not project blame onto Mercury retrograde for your frustrations or mishaps. Mercury in Gemini will not be “causing anything.” It is how you are working with it and interpreting things to direct the energy into helpful ways or into negative reality. Everyone will be experiencing this cycle in their own way. Best to triple check appointments and information as well as slow down to “listen” not just talk during this time. Retrograde phase provide the opportunity to: During the Mercury Retrograde phase, it is helpful to check in on your perceptions. Are they skewed? Distorted? Are they colored by unresolved emotions? Which one’s are inhibiting your growth and healing? Which ones are life-enhancing? Mercury’s transit through Gemini and the retrograde phase provides the wonderful opportunity to closely examine and work out the kinks and distortions for more clarity in the long run (by the time the Mercury retrograde phase is over).

Caring for the Mental Energy and Nervous System The astrological cycle of Mercury retrograde provides the precise down time for the Nervous system and mental energy body to reboot and renew itself for the three-week or so period. Utilize the time for pampering and slowing down the mental energy and nervous system with relaxing and fun activities. Also meditation, soothing music and being in Nature is restorative. Oh the Past, Let’s Talk With this particular phase, it is very possible to reconnect and communicate with friends, colleagues, lovers, clients from the past. It may be a lot of rehashing and or sharing the story of your past into the present. Don’t be surprised as to who shows up now. They (someone from the past) may suddenly come back in for closure, to clear up misunderstandings, to talk or to work things out. Wait until the Mercury retrograde is complete before making major commitments or agreements to anyone both personally or business. It’s a time of clearing up, reviewing and re-evaluating.

The clarity to make final decisions will come soon after Mercury goes Direct on June 11th, 2015. Dissolve the Duality into Union The potential before, during and after Mercury Retrograde phase in Gemini suggests be open to the variety of life through an innocent curious mind. Remember to rise up to a higher way of perceiving life, through the eyes of your wisdom Self or Soul. In this, you gain more insight and refreshingly clear perspectives. General Outline:

  • Mercury retrograde: 13 degrees Gemini on May 18th, 2015
  • Mercury direct: 4 degrees Gemini on June 11th, 2015
  • Mercury into new phase: at 13 degrees Gemini on June 27th, 2015

Mercury’s transit through Gemini helps one to experience a clear open mind and thought process. Communication happens through interesting pieces of facts and data woven together in an intriguing story.

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