Celestial Twinkle: Saturn Retrograde re-enters Scorpio on June 14th, 2015

Transiting Saturn retrogrades back into the deeply magnetic sign of Scorpio on June 14th, 2015. It’s like receiving a tap on your shoulder letting you know it’s time.  Time to finalize things and be committed to the end and then ascend to a higher way of expression.

Everyone should be familiar with the themes since the last two years they were in concentrated focus. Think of part of this last part of the phase as the “tidying it all up and implementing realistic changes.” It may certainly feel like an all or nothing approach. Make no mistake, with enough symbolic or literal internalized pressure, some major decisions will be made over the next three months as transiting Saturn retrograde in Scorpio will be an important part of the Venus Retrograde phase (begins July 2015 to September 2015).

ctw2blgEach choice, action and behavior even emotional reactions have a consequence. Even if you think you are hiding it, it is seen. Denial has to go, exit stage left. Are you ready to be accountable for what you have put into motion in the past or present? As a part of Saturn retrograde in Scorpio you may find you arrive face to face to resolve something from the past that you have put into motion or left unresolved.

Saturn’s transit through Scorpio brings lessons and pragmatism around themes such as; metamorphosis, death/rebirth, inheritance/debt, sex, power, emotional intimacy, power and taboo subjects. Being patient with how things organically unfold. Forgiveness and letting go of vendettas or plans of retaliation are paramount. The cat mouse game will only end up creating more problems in the end rather than satisfaction. It is as simple as be responsible and mature with your interpretation and emotions regarding an important matter. What is your part, your role and what can you do to evolve and or heal?

Saturn retrograde in Scorpio will prompt each towards investigating, uncovering and removing: secrets, hidden agendas, distorted fear-based patterns, skewed motives, addictions, compulsions, both subtle and overt as well control issues. Jealousy, insecurity, possessiveness and fear-based manipulation will be on the rise. Also, buried information, repressed emotions, hidden unhealthy patterns or skeletons (symbolic or literal) may certainly be exposed. If a relationship or emotional habit is creating symbolic decay, then it must change and become healthy or it has to go. What inhibits you from being loving, kind and vulnerable?

Of course some people will experience or witness extremes of all kinds and this provides the insight into what is off-balance and needs to transform. Some individuals will experience extreme emotions, desires and impulses from the egoic mind. While others may experience the deep desire to surrender old ways, put in sincere efforts to realistically heal and evolve and rise from the ashes reborn.

Saturn’s transit through Scorpio symbolically brings the most essential issues to address: where love and trust is lacking, how bitterness or resentment is creating toxicity, where scarcity consciousness is playing havoc with your ability to earn money and feel successful as well as how you may be acting miserly with valuing others or settling for less than you deserve from others.

It will imperative to be accountable and take responsibility for your part in it (whatever the issue or situation) so healing may occur, realizing the key Spiritual insight you need to extract with through your wisdom and for real transformation to occur.

There’s no more room for secrets. All kinds of things are coming up for awareness and making healthy choices for lasting change. Each must express from a state of integrity, respect, honesty and empowerment. Transparency is essential and with Saturn in Scorpio, the truth shall set you free.

For those people who have any fixed sign planets Leo, Taurus, Aquarius between 26-29degrees may feel the symbolic weight on their shoulders, heart, mind or body, to remain fully present to what the lesson or learning is. Though no one is exempt, all astrological signs are going to notice this astrological transit.

Saturn in Scorpio shifts into Direct motion early August 2015.  And on September 17th, 2015, Saturn re-enters Sagittarius. 

Saturn’s transit in Scorpio both by retrograde and direct motion, promises renewal and rebirth to those who are sincerely attending to the lessons and learning. You have a choice as to who you are intimate or merge with, partner with, borrow from, owe to and whom you stay emotionally attached to. Saturn in Scorpio suggests wield your power of choice wisely thus your actions and behaviors will then be based in integrity and express with emotional empowerment.

You will know what your lesson is, with Saturn’s remaining transit through Scorpio there is no denying it or avoiding it. If you do it will feel only more difficult to deal with. So when it comes by the first time, welcome what you need to experience and receive the blessings of overcoming the adversity. What you need to be responsible for will appear. You may need to take concrete steps to address it.


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