Jupiter/Uranus Trine Aspect – September 2014 – June 2015

Big, bold, insightful and brilliant with easy flowing and unpredictably surprising. Jupiter in Leo makes a harmonious aspect to Uranus in Aries retrograde September 2014. And then completes itself on June 22nd, 2015 with a third aspect. Other factors are also added in. Where is this energizing for you? What area of life does this highlight?

Jupiter symbolizes expansive, massive and attracts in big ways in the sign of Leo it is about love, creativity, shining your confidence and being authentic. Uranus symbolizes awakening, liberation, shocking and changing up the status quo in the sign of Aries it is about courageous acting on inner wisdom, taking a new path and being assertive.

Combine these two major powerhouses into a fantastic harmonious aspect and you have an amazing sparkling energy that completes by end of June 2015.  The keywords or qualities now are “freedom, liberation, love, wild, bold and expansion” use this for your highest good. You may utilize this energy to give you the confidence to initiate new things, relationship, opportunity, project or plan.

You see as most aspects go there are two to three major activations and a rhythm to the enforcement of the energy. With that astrological knowledge it is wise to use the highest potential of Jupiter ‘Trine’ Uranus-Rx in a way that positively accelerates your growth, healing and life. You may use this to increase and expand love or towards healing, creative expression, work and business, family and relationship or a combination.

When may we begin to notice some of these fabulous moving symbolic or literal energies? As early as the last week of August 25th 2014, early part of 2015 an onwards to the peak point which is in the middle of June 2015.  There may be a huge waves of spontaneous synchronicity , positively shocking arrivals or events and belly warming pleasant surprises with Jupiter in Leo ‘Trine’ Uranus in Aries transit.You may even shock or surprise yourself with declarations and bold expressions of love or creative bursts.

With this harmonious aspect and energy, the symbolism suggests possible to easily break away from stagnate patterns, limiting beliefs and venture into new experiences with a boldness. Look for out of the ordinary experiences and innovative visions or ideas appearing at lightening speed. Some people may receive recognition and be featured in some way for all the sincere efforts from the past. This fiery energy is sure to activate you in new ways!! With the potential of this aspect, it is as if things click into place effortlessly and by tuning into your wisdom, you know which opportunities are yours for the picking. What begins or initiated  in September continues into the rest of 2014 and to end of June 2015.

When things happen or connections form, they will do so fast, quick and sudden, this is the nature of the Jupiter/Uranus aspect finalizes at 20 degrees on June 22nd, 2015 (Leo/Aries both fire signs). Begin to notice the glistening opportunities available right now. Transiting Venus in Leo is soon to make a solid connection to “symbolically ignite or activate” more love and passion to the Jupiter/Uranus transit. This is fiery, passionate, confident and loving energy, so channel it into self, relationships or creative projects. This transit is noticeable until the first week of July 2015. Look for unexpected gifts and surprises to arrive or open the doorway to move joy.

Not every opportunity that seems big or fancy is appropriate for your life and path. It will up to you to sense which one has integrity and resonates for you. There may be an urge to go for the fancy package with the bells and whistles this may be a draw to the egoic mind. Yet, the Divine works in mysterious humble ways and oftentimes the most simplest and ordinary looking package contains the highest potential and blessings.

Like most Trine aspects in Astrology, they feel great and can fly by. It can be so fabulous that you become complacent or lazy indulging. While that is a choice, it is best and wise that you must make use of the energy so it has high impact and influence in just the right way in your being and life,  Jupiter in Leo ‘Trine’ Uranus in Aries  provides the massive symbolic activation to have the courage to listen to your wisdom Self/Soul and then take bold assertive action. Get that inner fire to energize your passion and path. Live your life with purpose.



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