Celestial Twinkle: Mars in Cancer – June 24th, 2015

What needs to be nurtured? Where do you need to feel more emotionally secure? It’s time to take action on it. Mars enters the tenacious sign of Cancer on June 24th, 2015. The planet Mars in astrology symbolizes action, drive, sexual energy and vitality as well as courage. The astrological sign of Cancer is a water element and a cardinal mode of energy expression. Mars in Cancer at its potential acts on gut instinct.

ctw1blgAre you feeling it? Then you may take action. With Mars transiting through a water element sign, emotions and feelings are very much part of the experience and learning now. When to go with the flow and when to take dynamic action is part of the exploration now.

Another potential of Mars transit through Cancer is action and goals which nurture and promote emotional well-being and ensuring that all the basic needs are met. Personal and family needs are primary now. Where and when do you feel emotionally secure and insecure? This will be a relevant theme too. Attending to the house and ancestral lineage issues such as healing long-standing family patterns comes into focus. Do you feel a sense of belonging and is your home a place where you feel comforted and soothed?

This transit of Mars teaches each to go in with strength and compassion, being sensitive or having empathy for needs of self and others. It is not about charging in like a bull in a china shop or being aloof and dry when it comes to interacting with others. It is about feeling a sense of connection, emotional confidence and sense of belonging within self and others.

Mars in Cancer will act with fluidity and ease when it feels safe to take action. There may be an ebb and flow to when and where the actions take place. Therefore, a clear and balanced emotional level is important and helpful for clear actions to accomplish the goals.

Mars transiting through the feeling-based sign of Cancer will sense subtle vibes and either retract into its symbolic shell to hide or with courage stand for what it feels is appropriate. There is a tendency to work in a side-ways manner rather than straight-forward which may create a lot of extra work.

Are you in the mood for love? Mars in Cancer tends to want to have feeling of connection before sexual energy sparks. If you aren’t feeling it, it is not there. Sexual desire is felt strongly when there is comforting safe emotional space to open up and be vulnerable. Trust is essential as is gentleness and emotional intimacy. Candlelight, dinner by the Ocean, soft lighting and cozy atmosphere tends to help one get in the “mood” for love and intimacy on all levels including sexual. Cuddling, hugs and all things that promote bubbling up of various feelings which uplift and feel nourishing are encouraged now.

When Mars in Cancer is off-balance:
If you notice passive/aggressive tendency, this indicates that there is lack of confidence in handling issues or stress in a direct manner and having the courage to stand up for what needs to change or be addressed. There may be hidden emotions, resentment or irritations which spike and lash out in unexpected ways. Find healthy ways to process, feel through and transform emotions to help change this habitual tendency.

Another off-balance of Mars in Cancer is irritability. If you do not know or don’t want to learn to understand and better take responsibility for your own emotions then you may find under this transit and it’s symbolism (awareness) you realize you are irritability, resentful, defensive, and even extremely moody. It is possible to get fired up and then fizzle out when it comes to following through on something.

The way to counter-balance (draw in a bit of Capricorn symbolism) is to get realistic and take small grounded actions which tend to stabilize and help to support a firm decision or standing up to or behind a decision for a better outcome or long-term success.

Mars remains in the sign of Cancer until August 8th, 2015. Mars in Cancer highlights how actions may be guided by wisdom and that promote a feeling of being nurtured and supported. Mars will be in the sign of Cancer for most of the Venus retrograde (Virgo/Leo). This suggests to take action on what needs to be nurtured within self and the relationship to strengthen it, heal and make real the intention. Have the courage to explore new ways of engaging in emotional intimacy now.

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