Overview: New Moon in Cancer – July 15th, 2015

The Waters Edge

The New Moon in Cancer occurs at 22 degrees on July 15th, 2015. It is possible to be drawn to the Ocean, river or a stream under the symbolism of this new moon phase. It is as if we want to be in the graceful movement of the ebb and flow of the tides – a steady yet rhythmic movement in life.

The New Moon phase in astrology brings light-filled new beginnings with the potential of initiating an intention or habit.  It also brings each in touch with the emotional level and opportunity to work with emotional awareness. [Read the Introduction to New Moon phase article]

The Sun and Moon unite to work together in symbolic harmony in the water sign of Cancer. The theme brings full awareness towards emotional awareness, nurturing, sense of belonging, family, ancestral lineage, needs and emotional security. There is a fresh new energy available for new beginnings. It is the perfect time to initiate new habits and attentiveness towards emotional level as well as feelings. With the astrological sign of Cancer, there is great tenacity. Therefore, many things and relationships can be cared for until there is a blossoming or birthing now.

The sign of Cancer in astrology also brings up the Sacred Feminine energy. The nourishing, receptive, intuitive and comforting qualities. Each person receive the opportunity to embody tenderness which is our true nature as Soul. It is through tenderness we feel safe and secure therefore allow and thus move. Yet let’s not forget that Cancer is a cardinal mode of energy which symbolizes being dynamic and irritating when the it feels safe and secure. Therefore the Sacred Feminine energy also embodies the strengthen and directness through gentle compassion.

The Inner Mother Archetype is also a part of the symbolism of the sign of Cancer. Think womb, creation, fertility and watering the seeds until they blossom. The womb of creation is highlighted. What are you nurturing within the symbolic womb? What is born from the womb? What needs to be nourished and tended to? What is your current relationship with your Inner Mother Archetype, mother like or someone who feels like your mother?

The Sun, Moon (which are both luminaries in astrology), Mercury and Mars are all in the sign of Cancer. This is known as a stellium or a group of planetary energies all working towards a common focus in this case the sign of Cancer. Are the thoughts, ideas and actions nurturing? What seed potential needs to be attended to and cared for in a healthier way? Be sure to speak with softness and compassion as it will be comforting in conversations now. Information may happen through absorbing and then digesting the data or key points before making any decisions. There may be a more subjective approach to things and people now than a clear objective one.

Some great questions to ask now are: Which relationship or idea needs to be nurtured? Is it worth the investment? Is there a mutual state of harmony and respect within the relationship?

Intentions that could be quite useful now are: “I Choose to Nurture..” “I AM Nurturing” “I AM Emotionally Aware.”

Additional configurations:
The New Moon in Cancer widely connects to Saturn in Scorpio retrograde. There is potential to strengthen, fortify and stabilize trust. This symbolism suggests ease in being patient, mature and reaching out to others through respect.It is time to build connections and let go of the past so you are able to be fully present to nurture the seed potential of a project, relationship or a new habit for yourself and well-being.

The New Moon in Cancer ‘trine’ Chiron in Pisces retrograde suggests ease and harmony in bringing a healing vibe into relationships or simply bringing the feeling of peace into highly charged situations. Going with the flow than staying locked in passive/aggressive back and forth is helpful now. If you wanted to apply forgiveness and gentleness or add a sense of fluidity to interactions or application towards yourself – this transit is perfect as you may be able to feel and see things from a Spiritual perspective. A great energy to help heal family, genetic, ancestral lineage patterns.

The New Moon in Cancer still makes a tense aspect to Uranus in Aries which symbolizes an ‘unsettling’ vibe to things. The potential: freedom to nurture what is healthy and take action towards being assertive. There may be an internal build up of emotions which need to be expressed in a straightforward manner. If you feel irritability, diffuse and feel through it before you lash out at others. Ask for what you need and go from there.

Mercury/Mars direct ‘Opposition’ to Pluto in Capricorn retrograde. This suggests an intensity in interactions with others or in situations. Power plays or possible manipulative energy could create conflict now. Address your fear. It is not the person or situation – it is what they represent which is the fear-based pattern itself. You are standing up to the unhealthy pattern and claiming your empowerment. Trust yourself to take care of things now. You are not responsible for the other person’s reaction or how they choose to digest the information. You can choose to act from integrity and be loving for yourself and life path. That will honor the other person Spiritually.

What else that is being challenged is releasing old fears around security towards empowerment, moving from auto-pilot into more conscious state of mind and action. It is imperative to take responsibility rather than excusing yourself with repeated behaviors. Unconscious patterns need to be addressed as they may be triggered with this astrological aspect. Be realistic and compassionate with your approach to others.

Venus is fast approaching the retrograde phase (begins July 25th, 2015). Venus is still making a tense aspect to Saturn in Scorpio retrograde. This suggests internalized jumble of emotions, old unresolved stuff, past/present issue around value, worth, love, and inner child issue(s). Lessons or learning around valuing self and others are up in a concentrated way.  Sometimes, you recognize how wonderful it/relationship was….. (value) when it or the person is no longer accessible or there in the same way and this can be through a person, relationship of some type or situation. Trust and power are also highlighted. Implementing healthy boundaries may be something that needs to happen now too. What worked or felt good in the past – may not be what you need right now. It is a time to grow past the old ways and choices. Examine things more closely before making decisions or taking action.

Thanks for reading this article! Happy New Moon in Cancer – nourish what is meaningful.
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