Celestial Twinkle: Venus in Virgo enters Retrograde phase July 25th, 2015

Venus moved into the methodical sign of Virgo on July 18th, 2015. Venus will re-enter Virgo at 0 degrees on October 10th, 2015. This back and forth is due to the approaching retrograde phase Venus moves into. What does Venus in Virgo represent? How will this influence the retrograde phase?

ctw1blgVenus is the planet that symbolizes love, creative expression, relationships, relating, giving/receiving, balance, harmony, tact, diplomacy and affection. It is a planet that symbolizes how we attract or magnetize on a personal level. Virgo is an earth element and a mutual mode of energy expression. Virgo at its potential symbolizes being methodical, efficient, attentive to detail and practical.

Venus in Virgo at its potential suggests maintaining higher standards of purity and excellence in personal or professional life. Providing loving attention to detail and ensuring quality craftsmen/womanship is of the highest order. This transit provides the perfect space for a practical analysis of the whole. What is in harmony? Where is the discord? What needs to be re-balanced? The lessons involve learning to value self and the care you show in whatever you do.

Yes, Venus in Virgo likes order and organization. It may be that with this transit of Venus, each person gets a chance to re-examine how efficient they are on all levels, how organized they are and where they are over-looking attention to detail.

In love and romance, Venus in Virgo is truly affectionate, sensual and likes physical touch, yet may also prefer things to be planned to the “t”, hygienic and clean rather than spontaneous and messy. Relationships may heat up or cool down depending on each person’s life path and where they are in their personal transits. Venus in Virgo retrograde may bring up yearning for physical touch and affection from a particular person. Under the retrograde phase it is possible for love not to be reciprocated as one expects, so stay open and curious as to what is available.

In business, review each facet of the business and where you invest too much time/energy/money and not enough. Is customer service delivering care and high standards of excellence? Is your product or brand expressing with integrity and in harmony with being of service for the highest good for all? This is the time to review and streamline. Perhaps re-evaluating your employees or even your own skills will be helpful.

When Venus in Virgo is off-balance; too much perfectionism, overly stressed about the tiniest things, knit picking, excessive criticism, uptight and anxious about everything. Over-analyzing and controlling about the details and order of things.

The beginning of the Venus Retrograde phase:

Venus in Virgo at 0 degrees shifts into Retrograde phase on July 25th, 2015. It is time to be more pragmatic and patiently take concrete action towards reorganizing. This suggests that each person gets to review and revise, all the “RE” activities around love, creativity, relationships of all kinds and money. Take a closer look at how efficient and effective you are with the above themes. Where do you need to re-prioritize? How realistic are you about love or intimate relationship and your work goals?

Venus in Virgo retrograde will help “spot” the details and anything  in-congruent that has become the kinks in the mechanism which inhibit a greater flow of energy and effectiveness. One main theme under the beginning of the retrograde phase is “What or who is priority?” This will continue to come up into early October 2015 when Venus re-enters Virgo and continues its transit in a more outward expression of energy. Then it will be time to put into application all the new inspirations and ideas, as well as testing them out in physical reality to see if they are of value.

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Venus in Virgo helps with critical creative analysis and also provides the practical solutions that are needed to get things running in a streamlined fashion. Love is to be demonstrated through care and attention to detail from start to finish.

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