Overview: Full Moon in Aquarius – July 31st, 2015

The term “Once in a Blue Moon” applies to this lunar phase as the Full Moon in Aquarius at 8 degrees on July 31st, 2015, as it is the second full moon in once month. Look for the out of the ordinary or unusual now, as this theme is interwoven into this full moon cycle.

The Sun in Leo opposition to Moon in Aquarius invites each to unify the heart and mind to regain a sense of harmony and balance instead of being at odds or conflict. Think of friendly (Aquarius) meets warmth (Leo) to help you express yourself in a well-balanced way to self and others. Or think quirky (Aquarius) meets authentic expression (Leo) to relate to others with freedom without needing their approval.

Any full moon phase within the lunar cycle tends to symbolize high tides within the emotional level. This may stir up old pain or reactions from the past so in the present you can work through it and create a very different future.

When the wisdom of the heart meets the logical process of the mind and they work in cooperation – life is experienced differently. During the Full Moon in Aquarius, each gets to witness and becomes conscious of (Sun symbolism) where there is stagnation and where there is progressive change happening inside especially on an emotional level (Moon symbolism).

It is possible to remain too aloof or dry, as the Full Moon in Aquarius will reveal where being too analytical and intellectual does not help you work with the emotional process or to feel and honor emotions or sensations arising now. It is best not to procrastinate or wait for a future date to make changes. Live in the moment, make the change however big or small here and now.

The potential of the Full Moon in Aquarius is emotional freedom and progressive change happens through acknowledging the emotions and feelings. You are able to have a more objective perspective once the emotions are felt and cleared out.

There are three planets and the Sun (luminary) in the sign of Leo. This is called a stellium in astrology. Prime focus or energy now is Leo; generous, open-hearted, playful, creative, lively, loving and joyful. All four planetary bodies are in union to work toward this common theme. Express authentically even if someone else doe not agree or approve. Speak and express more deeply from the wisdom of the heart.

The “BIG inner squeeze is in full effect, read more on the previous Venus Retrograde article.” Venus retrograde is now back in Leo at 29 degrees, conjunct transiting Jupiter in Leo at 27 degrees, making a direct “square” to transiting Saturn in Scorpio at 28 degrees. This symbolizes an amplification and concentration on select issue(s) around love, children (inner and physical), finances, worth, value and creative expression. There may be a lot of “inner drama or melodrama being played out now creating excess stress or emotions.”

Of course there are lessons and need for practical application with Saturn’s symbolism involved. Each must have a no-nonsense approach to maturing, healing and growing past one’s fear and inhibitions.

One way to work with this dynamic is, “a time for inner growth, moving from limitation or lack into expansion” be it around love, growth in relationships or relating skills, working through issues with inner child or children or moving from lack into prosperity consciousness. How can you let go, forgive, heal the past? Sharpen your skills in letting go so something else may be birthed. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas or ways. Think outside the box.

The inner organic structures have to heal and evolve so that one may witness the experiences in the outer or physical world also adapt and change as well.

Be sure to know there may be a lot of inner frustration and resistance now. It is coming up big time due to unresolved and acknowledged emotions. It may feel challenging to have clarity or objectivity. Therefore, feel through the emotions first, then there will be space for clarity as well as direct action.

There may be a tendency to overlap and crowd one thing with the next which feels over-whelming. Keep things really simple than over-analyzing or complicating. Take responsibility for your emotions rather than pushing them onto others.

If you feel too subject or confused, reach out to an objective trustworthy person, therapist, healer, or astrologer to help you sort out the stuff and offer you a few suggestions to reorganize how you approach it all. The motto now is; “No more excuses, no more procrastination”. It is time to rise up, take responsibility, heal and make grounded change. Be there for yourself, be loving and compassionate than hard and guilt-ridden.

The Full Moon in Aquarius message is to be the observer and be a part of the ongoing evolution. Know yourself as a free-spirit.

Full Moon in Aquarius Intention: “I AM Progressive” “I embody change” “I AM Freedom.”

Thanks for reading this article! Happy Full Moon in Aquarius, experience emotional freedom and allow yourself to progress and evolve.

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