Celestial Twinkle: Saturn in Scorpio Direct Motion – August 2nd, 2015

The planet that signifies pragmatism and timing; Saturn shifts into Direct motion in the magnetic sign of Scorpio at 28 degrees on August 2nd, 2015. This represents that there is a symbolic push forward in being realistic and practical with restructuring as well as strengthening emotional foundation and or core. Transiting Saturn in Scorpio is now in its final stage, the mastery of the themes through this particular transit, so it is important to use the laser beam like energy to accomplish the last remaining learning through the various experiences.

ctw1blgSaturn in Scorpio potential is; mastery in trust, emotional awareness and intimacy as well as wielding power wisely and responsibly. This transit of Saturn, provided the opportunity to take apart emotional walls and out dated psychological defense mechanisms which inhibit one from being open and vulnerable to receive love and feel deeply with self and the other. While installing healthy guidelines and emotional boundaries where necessary. Think of this time period as going deep inside and accessing resources we never knew we had to help us become more self-reliant and sufficient – perfect Saturn symbolism. Certainly, using the potential of Saturn in Scorpio, we are in the midst of fortifying the emotional core.

At every stage of development and Spiritual evolution, we may test ourselves to see how far we have come and where we have been sincere in applying the changes towards being in alignment with Soul and expressing with integrity. The theme or rather art and practice of letting go and the trust of moving into the unknown under the guidance of the Divine/your Soul is a part of this package. Use it in your daily life now.

Saturn transits through any astrological signs, provide realistic “check points” through various types of initiations. Also, Saturn’s symbolism  suggests honoring the organic or Divine timing in things. We may go through trials and tribulations to put forth the effort and apply new levels of mastery. It is to ensure the highest quality and integrity as well as to maintain standards of excellence. We get the chance to be able to trust in the Divine and the timing of how or when things will unfold naturally as well as being patient when the egoic mind kicks up smoke and becomes frustrated.

Saturn in Scorpio in its final portion of the transit, will indeed offer up real-time situations and opportunities to be dedicated to continue with sharpening our mastery over trust, power, letting go, honesty, merging with others and so forth. Situations may test our ability to trust in the bigger picture or in ourselves that we are being guided by Soul. Relationships may test our ability to deepen emotional intimacy, to be vulnerable while remaining empowered. Status and prestige may test our ability to wield power wisely and govern over with maturity. And overall how often we remain in alignment with our Soul throughout the rough patches.

There is a “self-testing” because really, there is nothing out Spiritually speaking, that tests us but ourselves. Once we say we will do this or that or commit to making a change or set an intention, Life responds with yes…let’s together test out your word and commitment to ensure you can back it up and stay stabilized in it with integrity.

Rethink the approach: It is not Saturn “testing anyone” as planets in Astrology do not cause anything, rather, they symbolize themes in Consciousness. And with Saturn’s symbolism, it suggests we may test ourselves to ensure mastery, integrity and finest quality with anything we do or experience. Sure we may have to incorporate patience and perseverance yet the step by step process that is symbolized by Saturn is worthwhile for the long-term success.

Where do you stand in learning to trust yourself more fully? How well do you trust Life or the Divine? Do you trust others? Where are the core fears and emotional wounds that need healing? Which addiction is showing up strongly now? These are a few questions that could be helpful now.

Saturn in Scorpio brings the message of being responsible for your own emotional processes as well having integrity with how you use your power in any situation. Are you using power over or empowered? Transforming lack and limitation of emotional intimacy into achievement and fulfillment of depth of feeling is part of the experience with Saturn in Scorpio. Sometimes we have to dig deep to excavate the core fears and off-balance stuff to heal and transform the pattern. In this case, Saturn’s symbolic strengthen can assist the investigative quality of Scorpio to accomplish the job in a realistic way.

Hopefully in the coming weeks and months, you will be able to see tangible experiences and feedback of where you have sincerely grown and applied Saturn in Scorpio in your self and life. Remember, now is the time to get serious and get to work to achieve the final results and embody the qualities. Symbolically, Saturn in Scorpio will provide the right amount of concentrate and emphasis on where you need to pay attention. Simply tune into the spot or areas where the concentration shows up and that is where your attention needs to be.

Saturn moves out of Scorpio and re-enters Sagittarius on September 18th, 2015.

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