Overview: New Moon in Leo – August 14th, 2015

As the second week of August 2015 arrives, the astrological sign of Leo has gotten a lot of worship, praise and acknowledgement. Quite a few planets have been highlighting this highly creative and magnanimous sign. Pay attention to the added sparkle of a bright New Moon in Leo at 21 degrees on August 14th, 2015. There is potential to feel delighted and even passionate now.

Each new moon phase represents a lovely ‘seed’ point in the lunar cycle which also symbolizes new beginnings. It can be an exciting fruitful time to initiate new habits or intentions. The Sun and Moon unite in the dramatic sign of Leo, bringing to light the qualities of playfulness, joy, creative expression, generosity, romance and heart-related themes.

The New Moon in Leo symbolizes the feeling to express, adorn and show affection. Being more loving towards yourself, others and even animal companions is the way to go. You may feel like getting your hair cut or colored in a new way. Using a variety of colors in projects could spice things up now. Find fun ways to strengthen your relationship with the Inner Child and or physical child/ren. Think outside of the box, let yourself feel the wonder and curiosity. Stretch the imagination wide and far so that anything and everything is possible.

The urge or desire to get noticed and want recognition of some kind, whether it is big or small, may be strong now with the New Moon in Leo. Perhaps you need to first acknowledge yourself and recognize all the lovely things within yourself. Allow yourself to feel the happiness that is at your core. Then, the outer world appreciation or applause feels even more sweet because you are not dependent upon that for your happiness.

An element of surprise fills the air during the New Moon in Leo.

There is a down right gorgeous trine aspect happening now which symbolizes ease, harmony and plenty of fiery energy to motivate. Freedom is yours if you want it. Transiting Venus retrograde in Leo conjuncts the New Moon in Leo while making a fabulous ‘trine’ to Uranus in Aries retrograde. This suggests unexpected pleasant surprises and out of the blue contact or communication to reconnect with people from the past. Passionate encounters may occur in love and romance. Creative opportunities could present themselves. We can use this beautiful energy towards acting to create more freedom, joy, and play. There is potential to authentically relate to others, heart to heart as well as to liberate yourself from pre-exisiting conditions and restore joy.

Even though transiting Venus retrograde in Leo is still making a wide square to Saturn in Scorpio, which suggests the tempering of energy, mature relating and a more cautious approach – this can work to support all the bold dramatic surges of energy now. Combined with the New Moon in Leo, the theme is to trust that there is freedom as the old stuff transforms. Have the patience to know, there is life outside the box that has been in place for the last two months.

When tuning into the New Moon in Leo, feel into the wisdom of the heart. Allow love to unite and express in bold colorful ways. Let your individual style shine bright.

New Moon in Leo Intention: “I AM a Creative Being” “I AM Love” “I AM Expressing My Potential”

Thanks for reading this article! Happy New Moon in Leo. Open up to the child-like qualities and allow your creativity to express with flair and confidence.

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