“Precise Expansion: Jupiter transits through Virgo” – August 11th, 2015 to September 9th, 2016

With Jupiter’s transits, it is all big news. Jupiter enters the methodical sign of Virgo on August 11th, 2015.  Any of transit of Jupiter in astrology symbolizes expansion of Consciousness within the particular qualities and themes of any given astrological sign. In this case, Virgo. What are the particulars?

Jupiter is the planet that symbolizes: expansion, belief systems, worldviews, social arena of life, higher knowledge, wisdom, integration, synthesis and higher education. The astrological sign of Virgo is an earth element and a mutable mode of expression. Some qualities of Virgo are: analytical, methodical, detail oriented, cleanliness/hygienic, precise as well as efficient.

Jupiter was last in the sign of Virgo in late August of 2003 to about mid to late September 2004. If you take a reflective look back as to what occurred in your life, you may get an inkling, not the total picture of what’s to appear. Why not a total picture? Because you have changed, there are other astrological cycles happening for you in terms of development, and you are in a very different age range in life.

Jupiter Cycles

Jupiter returns to any given astrology sign once every twelve years, and this is known as a Jupiter Return (where Jupiter returns to its Natal position). Any Jupiter Return in any of the twelve astrological signs is a developmental cycle that brings big blessings simply waiting to be discovered.

As Jupiter symbolically breaks ground in Virgo, one theme from my perspective is “precise expansion.” This represents that although big quantum leaps may be taken, there is also a necessity for being precise and methodical in the follow through stages. Each step needs to be efficiently executed for effective growth, healing, change, and so forth.  Jupiter in Virgo is much like a finely tuned instrument that plays beautiful music, where all parts need to work together as a whole to create an final product that is harmonious and uplifting.  Another focus with Jupiter in Virgo is to hold yourself and others accountable. The first place to begin, is by ensuring proper standards and protocols are being upheld within yourself.  Then, you can address similar themes with others. Otherwise, if you give advice and not follow it, you may become a hypocrite.

With Jupiter transiting through Virgo, there will be an importance to rhythms, cycles and patterns. On both micro and macro levels, these cycles and rhythms intricately reveal important information and the precise movement involved in creating order, both internally and externally. Take for example, how the body goes through a seven to ten-year cycle, where every cell in the body has been replaced. This seven-year cycle is a highly evolutionary spiral so to speak.

The Sieve of Discernment
The skill of “discernment” will be highlighted as Jupiter moves through Virgo. This will help those who are stuck in seeing things through rosy colored glasses, get both feet on the ground. Jupiter in Virgo brings the quality of being sensible and pragmatic. Practicing the art of discernment will happen on many levels, including communication, thinking, listening and expression. These are just a few examples.

Remove the non-essentials for a more streamlined experience in life.  It is valuable to simplify life regularly so that there is less clutter, more order and breathing room. There may be a need for simplification on many levels and even a detox where necessary. This may be needed for the body/health, home, business, social media, etc. or a combination of all of these areas. “Simplify life, and pair things down to the essentials now,” is the motto under the transit of Jupiter in Virgo.

Raising the Bar of Excellence
Since this astrological sign is very much aligned with maintaining standards of excellence both personally and professionally, the questions then become: “Is my work, product, project, employees, etc. continually maintaining a level of excellence and high ethical standards?”  “Am I behaving with love, integrity, and truthfulness?” Too many companies take shortcuts. They may start out strong yet end up fragmented and not abiding by their founding principles or core values. This is the perfect time to take your work/business, product, or service to the next level of “excellence.” When the client or customer leaves very happy and cared for, you will reap the benefits. Another way to approach this is, “Is this product, service, skill or _____ effective?” Are there tangible results and are they enhancing the well-being of an individual, business, family etc.?

The Natural Way
Nutrition and assimilation will also be a part of what Jupiter in Virgo symbolically highlights. Is the body receiving proper nutrition? When buying any food, it may help to pare down and choose products which have simple ingredients clearly stated on the label. Another way to work with Jupiter in Virgo, is update the intake of vitamins, minerals and foods that go into the body every day.  Ask yourself, “How does the body react with alive organic foods verses processed ones?” One may also ask what or who is nourishing to the body, mind, emotions, and Soul? As each ventures into the realm of “assimilation,” it is not only with food but also life experiences. The question here becomes: “Am I assimilating my life experiences so I receive the Spiritual wisdom and insight?”  Health, fitness, and wholistic healing businesses have the potential to expand now. It is all about having a genuine, authentic, yet simplified approach. The more clean and transparent the more attractive the business or service becomes. Alternative therapies and modalities become more visible and viable option for health and well-being for adults, children and pets as well as plants.

Green is the New Black
Nature, as well as a healthy and safe environment are also part of Jupiter in Virgo’s transit. There may be an expansion in “Eco-friendly” or “green products,” as well as potential for more work for Eco-friendly businesses. Certainly, with Jupiter in Virgo, there is calling to take better accountability for what is being dumped into the environment. With Jupiter’s symbolism; there is strong probability for truth to emerge  and be broadcasted in a big way if something is in-congruent. This stands true for home owners too! Are you recycling? What type of footprint do you leave on the Earth? These are a few simple, yet helpful questions to work with. Being outdoors in Nature will be something that energizes and replenishs one’s vitality now. Being outdoors and in tune with Nature’s wisdom evokes more joy as Jupiter moves through Virgo.

Though, before you enlist the help of any Eco-friendly company (or any other business as well) I would encourage you to do your share of the research (such a Virgo theme!) before deciding if the company really is in alignment with its core values or it is simply all talk and no follow through. You see, with Jupiter in Virgo, practical follow through with meticulous care is a must have. It is gold. For all businesses, both large and small, it is imperative that they take a fine tooth comb approach to see if they are truly and genuinely delivering what they are saying on their website or brochure or not. People will tend to zero in on certain details now.

Care for the Details Through Less Stress
Attention to detail, being precise, zeroing in on the non-essential will be wonderful ways to work with Jupiter in Virgo. The best way to work with this combination is to see the bigger picture, give love and care to the details while being joyful and relaxed towards a peaceful outcome. Easier said than done. However, I encourage you to experiment with this and you will see that it works beautifully!

When Jupiter in Virgo is Off-Balance:
One tends to become obsessive with detail, too many checks, boxes and lists, neurotic, super uptight, perfectionist, hyper-critical, overly controlling, micro-managing too much.

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