Overview: Full Moon in Pisces on August 29th, 2015

“Inspired Dreams Flow into Reality”

The waves of the Ocean remind us of the grace and fluidity of one’s being. Watching the waves move is a meditation unto itself. The emotional level, at its potential, moves similarly. Under a full moon phase in astrology, each of us receives insight into the emotional flow or lack thereof. The Full Moon in Pisces at 6 degrees that occurs on August 29th, 2015 has a fullness to it. There is a restlessness, hyper-jittery emotional energy or anxiety that is building as we approach the Full Moon in Pisces.

A few key things that are occurring now that symbolizes this are; it is another Super Moon, and Jupiter in Virgo is blended in aspect to it, as well as Neptune in Pisces retrograde. “Surrender the worry and be pragmatic with faith.”

It’s possible to experience a state of overwhelm on an emotional level with juggling things now. There may be an urge to gloss over details to escape dealing with reality, yet it is wise not to do this. Know that the Divine is in the details and to face certain things will end up helping you in the long-term. De-clutter yourself and life on all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional and especially physical is a great way to utilize the potential of the Full Moon in Pisces. The key is restoring peace through prioritization.

With the Full Moon in Pisces, moving with the subtle ethereal currents is essential.  Pisces is a water element and a mutable mode of energy expression. A great perspective to use now is: “Yes, I trust in the Divine and the higher Cosmic order and my life moves with these rhythms and guidance. I am willing to surrender the worry and expand faith in daily life.” There feels to be a tremendous potential for healing and expanding out of “victim consciousness” into a feeling of acceptance of one’s true Self/Soul.

The Full Moon phase represents culmination and most importantly, illumination of whatever has been hidden or buried within the subconscious and the unconscious. Similar to the Moon’s light cast upon the land at night, certain things come into conscious view. The Sun in Virgo while opposing the Moon in Pisces suggests the need to blend and harmonize the details and the Spiritual vision or integrate Spiritual ideals and concepts in practical ways in daily life.

More often than not, there is an experience of ultra sensitivity during a Full Moon in Pisces (or even with Natal Moon in Pisces). All of the rich nuances are felt, noticed and taken in for contemplation in relation to the Cosmic order of things. Each person may feel the emotional tides differently and there may be tumbling of tears that flow. It is an opportunity to dissolve lingering emotional pain, illusions and/or delusions carried over from the past that clouds the present moment experiences.

Now to that, add a “perigee-syzygy” to it, in other words a Super Moon symbolism which represents a Full Moon that occurs the closest point to Earth of the Moon’s orbit thus the gravitational energy is strong. The tides in the Ocean may be strong, emotional tides may also be rising up in big ways as well as possibility of hearing about something to do with waterways on the Earth and the ecosystem.

Neptune in Pisces retrograde adds a symbolic layer of having the potential to tune into the non-physical dimensions of reality and thus bringing sensitivity as well.  Dream-time activity and symbolism may reveal pertinent information, insights and there is potential for receiving  profound Spiritual guidance. An important issue or topic may stand out in a big way revealing the intricate distorted pattern that needs healing and transformation.

The grounding influence here is, Jupiter in Virgo aspects the Full Moon in Pisces. Bear in mind that Jupiter tends to symbolize “broadening, magnifying, and expanding.” Someone or something in the outer world may magnify an issue that requires your due diligence and meticulous approach towards healing.

During this particular Full Moon in Pisces, be careful and aware of not making mountains out of molehills now as some may exaggerate the tiniest detail and thus create more reactions. It is helpful to increase tolerance and to be patient as the details form from the realm of ideas or inspirations. You have to be accountable for your own emotional process and refine emotional skills where needed.

The Sacred Feminine or Divine Feminine qualities come into the heart space. During the Full Moon in Pisces, we are encouraged to embody more fully the Divine Feminine as well as apply forgiveness and learn from the mishaps in life. Additional ways to work with the Divine Feminine in your life are: How tenderness is felt and expressed, where compassion is applied, how receptive you are and how much your intuition guides you in daily life are paramount now. If you are worry prone or highly critical of self or others, acceptance of each person’s Divinity/Soul allows room for imperfections. Where you feel irritable or uptight, relax and give way to compassion. Feel compassion for yourself and others is a way of transcending being overly knit picky and accepting the Spiritual perspective within the experience.

Few simple suggestions to work with now are:
1.) Pay attention to how you assimilate life experiences (or not)
2.) Check in with yourself about fine tuning emotional processing and awareness skills
3.) Practice forgiveness, surrender and acceptance
4.) Heal the part of you that feels like a victim, shift into compassion and empowerment.
5.) Transform the hyper Critic inside into healthy discernment
6.) Pamper your feet for they assist you to walk upon this Earth and fulfill your Life Purpose

Full Moon in Pisces Intention: “I AM Surrendering into the Divine” “I AM Eternal and Infinite” “I AM Peace.”

Thanks for reading this article! Happy Full Moon in Pisces, experience the subtleties of compassion and boundless peace as you feel your interconnection to the Oneness.

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