Overview: New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo – September 13th, 2015

“Creative Organization”

This month brings many changes and potentials to be proactive towards being realistic about the transformations that need to take place. Some changes may feel wildly chaotic, disrupting the old order and organization to create space for a new order of things to appear. Such is the nature of any eclipse. On September 13th, 2015, a beautifully sensual and healing New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo at 20 degrees. The astrological sign of Virgo highlights precision and being effective on all levels as well as brings attention onto how we assimilate life experiences and food.

During each new moon phase, the Sun and Moon meet up in a particular astrological sign. In this case, it is the earth sign of Virgo. The New Moon phase is quite symbolically fertile and symbolizes a fresh new clean slate to plant new symbolic seeds: intention or habits within the subconscious. Daily doses of nurturing and practical use will help the habit and intention manifest into reality. Remember, small increments or steps are needed with quantum leaps as both go hand in hand harmoniously. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo suggests to allow for creative organization. For this to happen we have to be willing to let go of the old system, way or order to allow a creative change to take place so a new order and system may be implement. This helps keep things fresh.

Added to the wonderful New Moon in Virgo is a potent Solar Eclipse. The New Moon in Virgo will receive a super symbolic energizing boost from the Solar Eclipse. This suggests a major tangible specific change within Consciousness for those willing to experience it. Solar Eclipses tend to be turbo-charged and supportive for new beginnings and or major transitions in life. The Solar Eclipse in Virgo will help each be more attentive to the various pieces that make the whole function on an optimal level.

The thing to keep in mind about eclipses is that they happen pairs. In a general view, any Solar and Lunar Eclipse work in harmony with one another at the highest level. Eclipses tend signify wonderful dynamic energy and potential for new beginnings (Solar Eclipse) and closure or endings (Lunar Eclipse). There is not one thing to fear with eclipses unless you are giving your power away to superstition or fear of what’s to happen. Stay empowered and trust each will be guided through this process.

The New Moon in Virgo makes a ‘opposition’ to transiting Chiron in Pisces suggesting the importance of healing an emotional wound, wholeness or perception which promote the conflict of inferiority or superiority. Being in balance or middle point, at the Soul level, all is equal.There may also be some insight and understanding about where hyper-criticism has taken a hold creating self-sabotage or instills self-doubt. Someone or something in the outer physical world will be the trigger for the opportunity to heal. At first it may feel uncomfortable or perhaps sensitive. Through an interaction, a deeper realization appears of where we may need to address the issue(s). By surrendering the illusion of separation or abandonment by the Divine, one returns to the state of grace and effortlessly feels the innate wholeness as a Soul expressing through the physical form.

A way to work alongside of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo is to fine tune for greater health, wellness, effectiveness and efficient. Finding a way to detox the body, emotions, mind and Spirit is a great way to lighten the load and be aligned with new beginnings. Clearing out toxins in the body, environment, products used on the body, stress within the mind as well as how much of a carbon imprint is left on the Earth are all of focus now. For some people, smudging and purifying the physical space. It is possible to come across a new Energy healer or teacher of sorts which may best facilitate the space that is needed for brand new beginnings in healing and wellness.

The urge to get organized and pay close attention to details may feel strong under this Solar Eclipse in Virgo and will lead each one of us towards being more streamlined within and in life. Having order and cleanliness matters under this auspicious New Moon in Virgo. Whatever seeds were planted long ago, we may see the inklings of the harvest in minute ways.  The Solar Eclipse in Virgo creates a strong energy to be a of service to the greater good yet in a way that maintains high standards and provides quality service and or products.

With transiting Jupiter in Virgo almost exactly ‘opposition’ to transiting Neptune in Pisces retrograde, this symbolism suggests application of Spiritual inspirations, concepts and knowledge into daily life. It is possible to become aware of fog-like illusions, self-deception, as well as fantasy projections that are cast onto other(s), life or the Divine/God. It is time to see things or the person as they are. With two feet on the ground, see both the Spiritual and what is happening here and now (not in the past or future hopes.) Helpful questions to use are…is this real? Is it of value? Is it effective? The potential is to meld Spiritual into the practical in myriad of ways. With Jupiter/Neptune transit, through real life interactions with others and situations, each gets to apply greater compassion, forgiveness and acceptance of the bigger picture that is unfolding. There may be wonderful synchronicity in expansion of healing and reaching out into the community to be of service. Maintain integrity and high standards of excellence in whatever you provide.

Transiting Venus in Leo is now in direct motion or outward expressive energy. It is building towards a fabulous ‘Trine’ aspect to transiting Uranus in Aries retrograde. Expect pleasing or unexpected breakthroughs, surprises and fiery energy to clean, purify, detox and set new intentions as well as carry out new action plans. Creativity energy, finances, relationships, love and collaborations move forward and It can all be done with joy and passion for living a life from the inside out which is healthy, happy and meaningful. Remember, the next approaching Mercury Retrograde in Libra begins on September 17th, 2015. So some things may stall or still be slow in forming or moving especially around communication or plans. Be patient. More on this transit soon.

The best way to work with the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo is to be precise in your intention with a efficient plan of action. The key now is to be very grounded and organized. The energy has the potential to be revitalizing and helping each person to get into the groove of a new daily schedule and rhythm. Being loving and attentive to the details is a practical service to the Divine.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo Intention: “I AM a organized efficient creative individual”

Thanks for reading this article! Happy New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo. May each person be of service to the highest good and provide a standard of excellence and quality in whatever you do or express.

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