Celestial Twinkle: Jupiter ‘Opposition’ Neptune Transit and Other Goodies…

On September 17th, 2015, Jupiter in Virgo makes its exact ‘opposition’ to transiting Neptune in Pisces retrograde. This symbolism suggests application of Spiritual inspirations, concepts and knowledge into daily life. One potential is grounded Spirituality. Is it a mirage or is it real?

It is possible to become aware of fog-like illusions, delusions, visions of grandeur and self-deception, as well as fantasy projections that are cast onto other(s), life or the Divine/God. Is it a mirage or is it real? This is a great question to ask with this transit. Are you ready to receive the truth? Or will you struggle to hold the illusion in tact and stay in the clouds avoiding reality?

Old beliefs which are limiting and based in fear or anxiety may surface. Awareness happens through the tension in a relationship either personal or business. It can be the relationship with life, God/Divine or yourself that the realization surfaces where the belief is creating a barrier from venturing into fresh possibilities. It is through expansive feelings under this transit that new awareness arise. With Jupiter/Neptune transit there is a back and forth between service and sacrifice. How do we want to be of service and express our potential with the collective? What role does self-sacrifice play and to what extent?

There is a strong yearning for a Spiritual connection, faith and feeling into the dry mundane realm of life. We need to feel the richness of tenderness, compassion and tranquility. To be peace in the hectic day to day existence. Take notice that cream state activity may be full of  important symbolism and understanding. Keep a notebook or journal handy to write down the details. Not every dream is literal, so be sure not to panic, but rather, get a more broad perspective to help you sort out the details. ( If you need help, in a private One to One Personal Guidance  with me, we will explore your dream symbolism and interpretation from a higher perspective.)

The truth is, the Spiritual or non-visible energy comprises the physical and we can see and know this this when we use a Soul-level perspective. Oftentimes to keep the status quo going, it is easier to either be Spiritual or physical. It is one or the other. It may seem easier to keep it separate yet from the higher perspective it is essential to find a way for both to harmonize and move together effortlessly.

It is time to see things, situation, project or the person as they are. Be grounded with two feet on the ground and see both the Spiritual and what is happening here and now (not in the past or future hopes.)  First, become grounded in the present moment. Then open the mind and heart and see what is there. Face the truth and reality. Either you will accept it or know without doubt something needs to change.

The application of higher knowledge into daily life situations and issues is the best way to use this transit’s potential. There needs to be a delicate blend without an over-dose or preaching on a soap box, or attempting to fix anyone including self. (You are not an object so you do not need fixing or improving. This is a distorted perception and belief. From a Soul level perspective, to let go of or dissolve all that you are not, all that inhibits you from expressing your natural state of being, as Soul is what is truly needed.)

Helpful questions to use are:
Is this real? Is it of value? Is it effective? “Am I seeing what is instead of what I wish or hope it to be?”

With Jupiter/Neptune transit, through real life interactions with others and situations, each gets to apply greater compassion, forgiveness and acceptance of the bigger picture that is unfolding. The potential is to meld Spiritual into the practical in myriad of ways. There may be wonderful synchronicity in expansion of healing and reaching out into the community to be of service. Maintain integrity and high standards of excellence in whatever you provide. With healing, nutrition and wellness routines, listen to inner guidance to change things up. Allow for fresh creative organization and inspiration to lead you to expanding into new horizons.

Well-being, health and hygiene are also emphasized with Jupiter/Neptune. Energetically, there may be challenges in certain systems within the physical body. It may feel like a diffusion, weakening or sluggishness to any organ, system or chakra/energy center. There could be increase in fluids in the body or unusual flux in accumulation in the small intestines, large intestines and even assimilation system. Clean, pure foods, water, fresh air helps the body and systems. Overall internal hygiene and external cleanliness is a must to keep all systems functioning at optimal levels rather than avoiding the details. Be sure to check your daily water (fresh water no sugar added) intake. How much is the body hydrated and being flushed of toxins.

Energy Healing Session with an experienced trusted Energy Healer may help with the underlying issue, while changing nutrition, exercise and adding key supplements will aid in the overall well-being. Of course check with your medical professional before making any major changes.

Also happening now – Sept. 17th, Saturn enters Sagittarius. The quest for meaning, being practical and deepening faith, testing out beliefs and visions are a part of this transit and symbolism. Saturn in Sagittarius potentially helps each person to apply faith and perseverance in daily life with opportunity for mastery. Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius may seem like a damper on the natural enthusiasm of this fire sign, yet from my perspective it is not. Think of it as a cycle of development to cultivate and express maturity and embody joy as well as expand consciousness in stages. If you are going through a Saturn Return in Sagittarius or Second Saturn Return in Sagittarius, then a Transits Session may help offer you greater guidance.

To top off the day, next enters the phase of development where the nervous system needs greater attention and care. Mercury in Libra shifts into Retrograde also today, September 17th, 2015. A time of reflection and reviewing is underway. Communication, thinking and thought processes shift into an introspective phase. This phase is actually precious in the bigger picture with all the other astrological shifts taking place.

The energies are certainly strong and full of rich potential now. It is up to each person as to how they would like to work with them. Remember, it is helpful to fine tune the system, routine or method that has been used up until now.

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