“Strengthen Faith, Exploring Meaning” – Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius

Saturn re-enters the sign of Sagittarius on September 17, 2015 and finishes up its stay until December 20, 2017. Saturn transits represent maturity, practicality and mastery. Saturn moving through the fire sign of Sagittarius suggests patiently pursuing the meaning of life and commitment to higher truth. Think spontaneous adventure mixed with all the practical amenities.

You could also think about it as a planned adventure that strives for having both structure and freedom to adapt to new ideas on the go. This is the best of both Saturn’s symbolism (structure, form, planning and being grounded) with Sagittarius symbolism (spontaneity, adventure, diversity and enthusiasm). You can have both spontaneity within a flexible structure. It may need some fine tuning until it all flows together seamlessly. Though with Saturn’s transits, being practical and using your wisdom is essential.

One aspect of Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius is about being the “Spiritual Seeker.” It is a powerful quest of exploration of meaning and purpose or finding one’s dharma in life. It is a quest to be a living example and embody the truth of your being as a Soul.  Listening to and expressing one’s own Wisdom Self/Soul will be paramount. It is accessing not only the “Seeker” Archetype but also the “Inner Wise One” Archetype.

Questions may arise such as: “Who am I?” “Who am I outside of this name, gender, religion and body?”  “Does my life feel joyful and meaningful?” “Do I have faith when it matters the most?”

Few Saturn keywords: maturity, responsibility, concentration, longevity, mastery, patience.

Saturn in Sagittarius potential is to deepen faith, a commitment to higher truth and meaning of life. It is possible to seek higher knowledge for greater understanding. If it becomes so esoteric and in the clouds, it may need to be tested on the ground – in daily life, as is the motivation of Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius. Is it useful in physical reality?  It is also about being realistic and putting into application the knowledge and concepts gathered – walk your talk rather than spout out philosophical debates.

There are two truths: one is higher truth, which is Universal, and second is personal truth. Universal Principles, and higher truth are the guidelines that govern our lives with grace and in Divine perfection, so to speak. Higher truth perceives beyond duality and the polarity of opposites, to the Oneness of Life. Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius may help you to be the student, so you can see which truth is operating in your life and when.

By being committed to higher truth it is the choice to acknowledge and face any unresolved emotions, suffering and conditioning. It is the choice and willingness to see things as they are, not how the egoic mind’s filters wishes it to be. Yes, sometimes higher truth is a challenge to digest. However, it is valuable and provides the best for your evolution. With this, remember, your personal truth changes. Just because your truth or belief is what it is, does not mean it is for anyone else to live. So be aware of how much you impose your truth onto another and when.

Also take note, there will be many self-imposed tests and learning curves along the way. Testing out beliefs, faith, vision, meaning, purpose, and so forth. It is to ensure quality and high standards, which is Saturn’s symbolism and domain. For instance, once you make an affirmation, intention or prayer such as:

Dear God, please help me to have faith.
Dear God, I will never again betray myself. I want to trust myself again.
Dear Universe, please help me to move into greater prosperity and abundance.
Dear Angels please help me to feel joy.
Dear Divine, I want more to feel like I’m living a meaningful life.
and so forth….


Out of nowhere, there is a burning tumble weed rolling down the mountain and the crackling of lightning bolts along its path. Suddenly it makes you notice, what am I putting out there into the Universe? It’s a good metaphor, but breathe a sigh of relief as there may not be a burning tumble weed in sight. Saturn’s transits are more somber and perhaps a bit dry at times but nonetheless fruitful if you are sincere in your efforts.

What happens next, is an experience arises in all its beauty and potency to make sure you really can and will back up your statement and commitment you just made in a grounded way.  Is this God/Divine or the Universe or Angels doing something to you to trip you up? No.  No one is doing anything to you but yourself. No one is punishing you or working against you.

You are testing yourself with the cooperation of the Universe helping YOU to design an experience to carry out the very thing you have requested. You need to see the stuff you are made up of, so it’s not all fluff talk, but rather, real stamina and backbone behind the words you say.  Ultimately, it provides you with the exact opportunity to make real your prayer, intention or affirmation. All so that you can live a happier, meaningful life (it may not be egoic mind’s expectation of perfection) you were born to experience.

Enter faith.

Faith in the Divine for so many is a big challenge even down right difficult. If there are painful traumas from this lifetime of being punished in the name of religion or carried within cellular memory and in the unconscious from previous lifetimes, this may interfere with feeling faith in this lifetime. From a simple Spiritual perspective, having faith is knowing there is a magnificent, loving and benevolent invisible energy that without fail, supports the physical world, as well as guides you with every breath you take. It is having faith in something bigger than the egoic mind’s fantasy virtual world. Faith is best when it does not remain a theory, but rather when it is experienced in life consistently.

Saturn in Sagittarius symbolism suggests consistently deepening faith in daily life. It may be that through a very difficult situation, you are required to know the Divine is there and have faith in the highest best outcome. Not the egoic mind’s desired outcome. Having faith there is a Divine plan unfolding and everything has a Spiritual purpose, even painful situations. This perspective requires a willingness to be receptive and be the observer in life.

By now you realize with Saturn’s symbolism and transits, mastery is gained through stages of development and strengthening. Deepening faith is on the white board and this is one main focus now. You will be encountering issues around lack of faith, having faith in the invisible, being realistic about faith and allowing faith to move mountains with the support of life. Any places within you that are wobbly and need some fortifying around faith will show up.

This transit also will bring about major examination of beliefs and testing limiting beliefs and weeding out dogmas. Systematically, on the journey in life and on the Spiritual quest, limiting beliefs are tested.  Are they narrow? Do they evoke intolerance or prejudice? They have to be. Why? Because dogmatic and limiting beliefs tend to stifle one’s evolution. You may be living out someone else’s belief system and therefore failing to meet your own Soul potentials. So weeding out limiting beliefs every so often is a necessity. Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius provides that opportunity, so use it well.

As Yoda from Star Wars says, “Young Jedi Knight, Do or Do not do, there is no Try. The Force is always with you.”

Broaden your consciousness and move into new dimension of reality. Diversity of life is something that the sign of Sagittarius feels at home with. It loves to explore, experience and discover new things in life. Saturn in Sagittarius teaches everyone about greater tolerance, respect and understanding about the diversity in life. If everyone was the same,  it would be a bit dull and boring. It is best to refrain from imposing your will or beliefs onto another unless they have asked for guidance, rather, place your undivided attention on being masterful in your own life. Under this transit of Saturn in Sagittarius, giving unsolicited advice or preaching may not be received well. The best approach is to create the open space for those who want to ask questions or explore with you to approach you. Then if you offer something, it is by their choice.

Take for example going to a new country and exploring its, food, rituals, ceremonies, lifestyle and philosophies. It is rich and full of interesting details. There would be so much to learn and explore. Saturn’s journey through Sagittarius is focused on being a part of quality experiences which enhance life and well-being is what Saturn is interested in. This transit also symbolizes that the best way to respect and honor the diversity of life is to allow each person to make their own choices without imposing egoic mind’s beliefs and expectations upon another.

There is emphasis and pressure to become more responsible for how you represent yourself in the Global community through social media, the written word through publishing, public relations as well as teaching. The message you disperse has to be of the higher standards and based in integrity. Under this transit, anything that is overly inflated or exaggerated may come under scrutiny to be tested. Hold yourself accountable with the image you share through social media or PR. Saturn in Sagittarius will also guide you towards maturity in your sense of humor and be grounded in your enthusiasm. That’s a great combination. Remember, Saturn in Sagittarius represents a realistic expression of Self and message so you can live your dharma with humility and empowerment to help uplift the collective consciousness.

Saturn Return Cycle of Development

A Saturn Return cycle is when transiting Saturn returns to the exact degree within the Natal Chart by sign and position. It is a major transition point and maturity phase and can be fruitful to help you experience greater long-term success. Some people will be experiencing their first Saturn Return in Sagittarius or second Saturn Return in Sagittarius over the next two years. How does it influence your life now? What realistic steps do you need to take to help you move through this phase with ease?  If you would like more insight and guidance in this incredibly important cycle of development, Book Your Astrological Consultation with Dipali through her Online Booking System. It is best to schedule 1 hour session minimum to start with or longer if you desire.

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