Mercury Retrograde in Libra September 17th – October 9th, 2015

Harmony in Thought

Mercury in Libra at its potential allows for having balanced perception. You can see both sides of the issue, situation or pattern. Then logically, you can decide what is next. The astrological sign of Libra is an air element, so there is a quality of objectivity and grace that may be added to communication now. Mercury in Libra tends to enjoy socializing and conveying interesting ideas which promote greater beauty, peace and harmony.

Mercury in Libra suggests being fair and respectful of others. This placement provides an excellent quality for mediators and those who need to maintain peace and harmony within any group or organization. Knowing when to compromise, cooperate and when to make a dynamic decision is also a part of this transit. Don’t mistake the peacefulness or grace of Mercury in Libra as a sign of weakness, it is anything but that. Mercury in Libra being a cardinal mode of energy expression, knows exactly how to convey the idea or thought with the right blend of tact and directness to get things done. Mercury in Libra reminds each the importance of balanced perception, as well as, considering all parties and making decisions which harmonize with all involved for the best possible outcome. This is utilizing Mercury in Libra to its fullest on a Soul-level.

When Mercury in Libra is off-balance, there is too much thinking about other people and not enough about self. It is possible to become indecisive and unable to make a clear firm choice. It is possible to be seeking approval from others so the truth of what needs to be said is held back.

Retrograde phase:

Mercury in Libra retrograde suggests a time of re-evaluating the delicate balance of situations, issues and most definitely relationships of all kinds. It can be your relationship to a perception, pattern, food, exercise, person and so forth. Under this phase of development, the linear mind has a chance to slow down its processing and review what is off-balance. Give your nervous system the next three weeks to rest and relax. Engage in non-linear activities such as painting, music, dancing, or healing to help restore equilibrium within the mental energy. Communication can encounter glitches or snags and people simply may not register the concept or information as quick as possible. Be patient with yourself and others now. Allow plenty of room during travel and for appointments for unexpected delays or mistakes.

Mercury retrograde is a beautiful opportunity to de-clutter and restore equilibrium within the mental energy and linear mind. Mercury retrograde symbolizes what is happening within Consciousness, it does NOT cause anything. Refrain from blaming and talking about Mercury Retrograde in a negative manner. Rather, put all of your frustration towards the potential of the transit and work with it rather than against it. Your use of words and language may set up obstacles without you realizing it. Giving your power away to a transit will not help you. Blaming the transit will not help you move through it easier. So, accept and feel through the frustrations and keep moving forward with strength.

Mercury retrograde in Libra makes three major aspects to transiting Pluto in Capricorn. This symbolizes the urgency of  letting go of and transforming old perceptions which inhibit growth and a fair-minded approach to life, including communication. It is time to face the core truth of something. Through internal tension and limitation, you recognize that a pattern and perception is suddenly dug up from the depths and comes to the surface of awareness for transformation. Either you can stay in frustration, fear and lack of trust or move forward through it and rise to new heights. You may notice an all or nothing approach within yourself. It has to all go or all stay as it is.

Under the second aspect, hidden or unresolved buried information is revealed through a situation or encounter with another. What is distorted and really off-balance becomes very clear as it is almost staring you in the face. It is possible that people want to argue and move in circles due to the unresolved energies they are sitting in. Stay empowered and aligned in integrity rather than being caught up in the web of other people’s muck.  If you choose to stay perceiving the issue or pattern from a balanced point of view, you will see the necessity of why it has come forth and how it is serving a Spiritual purpose instead of getting caught up in arguments and heated verbal power struggles of “I’m right and you are wrong.” Find a new way to communicate how you feel or what you are thinking without blaming and shaming others or yourself. You may realize it was your fear all along, that kept the distorted perception and pattern alive. Let go of the old way of perceiving and  something fresh may enter.

Ultimately, as Mercury moves into Direct motion October 10th, it will head back to the final aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. On October 22nd, 2015 the final pass of this transit will provide space for re-birth and application of balanced perception and communication. All of the snags and snarls that came up under the retrograde phase may then settle into a state of peace and harmony.

On October 9th, 2015, Mercury in Libra moves into Direct motion at 1 degrees. It is best to wait a week or so, before the pace of communication picks up momentum.  Mercury in Libra makes a sextile aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius. This suggests patiently putting into application new ideas, thoughts and having faith that you are able to create harmony first through your perception and then through your words and  communication.

Mercury in Libra ultimately symbolizes grace and harmony in communication and thinking. Think of how you are able to create harmony through your thinking, perceiving and communicating. Find new creative ways to convey your thoughts, ideas and feelings which promote peace and balance. At its potential, Mercury in Libra helps to view all sides with clarity before making the final decision.

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