Overview: New Moon in Libra – October 12th/13th, 2015

New Moon phase in Astrology symbolizes a fresh fertile state of being. It is like any astrology cycle, an opportunity. The New Moon in Libra at 19 degrees on October 12th/13th, 2015 invites each to break through onto new ground. Since June 2015, there has been a concentrated focus on all types of relationships from personal to business, from health and money, to animals and friends, to marriage partners as well as to the Divine. We are indeed entering a new phase, a brighter new beginning in relating to ourselves and the world around us both physical and non-physical alike.

The Sun and Moon are united in the sign of Libra during this new moon phase, symbolizing the attention being on healthy balanced relationships of all kinds. The astrological sign of Libra is an air element and a cardinal mode of energy expression. This suggests dynamic action towards expressing from a well-balanced space, as well as, practicing loving kindness. The attention is on the “We Consciousness.” Put yourself in someone else’s shoes before replying, choosing and relating.  How can we work to create beauty, harmony and uplift each other?”

The New Moon in Libra makes a very close “Opposition” to Uranus in Aries retrograde. Sudden, lightening fast, out of the blue, surprising breakthroughs and turn around are possible in unusual ways. Yes, you heard right. Breakthroughs for new beginnings or change of situation are possible now. Expect the unexpected as something like an offer, recognition or an apology could arrive through an external person, or situation. It may be a very pleasing experience, providing an exchange of honesty and awareness within the relationship. Also, for example, someone could demonstrate an unusual act of kindness in a way you didn’t expect. Welcome it and be present to the beautiful blessings that show up now.

The New Moon in Libra “Opposition” to Uranus in Aries will also make a wide aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This is worthy of paying attention to. Why? Disruption to the old order may occur, which will provide the opportunity to establish a new balance or dynamic. Old unhealed or unresolved issues may be pushed up to the surface of awareness in an exchange or when relating with someone. If something is still off-balance, it may reveal itself and even correct itself. This is actually helpful and needed.  There is ripe potential for healing and empowerment as we take a step back and observe the situation from a higher perspective.

Mercury in Libra at 1 degree, now in Direct motion, again reiterates the point of using a balanced perception to have greater understanding of self and others in any given relationship(s). Slowly and surely, the pace of communication picks up momentum over the next week or two. Be thoughtful before you speak, as Mercury in Libra’s potential is to speak with elegance, grace and kindness to self and others. There may be some small glitches in miscommunication or translation of information. So be patient, still check facts or ask the question in a different way for confirmation.  A past unresolved issue may color the present moment perception or what one hears, yet if you remain centered and clear in your intention, the debris can be cleared up pretty quickly now. It is an exciting time to see how each will relate to one another after so much turmoil, change and transformation over the last few months.

Venus now transiting through the serviced oriented sign of Virgo has already entered the “new beginnings phase” (from the recent retrograde over July, August and September.) therefore there is potential for fresh down to earth creative energy to be poured into new investments, projects and opportunities to expand abundance, beauty and harmony. The desire to assist animals and pet companions on their path of healing, transformation and wellness also may be of greater importance.

Building aspect: Mars ‘Conjuncts’ Jupiter in Virgo transit. This symbolizes a “bundle” of earthy energy to help sort, organize, plan and accomplish down to the minute details.  There is an abundant amount of energy to get it all done and of course feel the tangible satisfaction of seeing visible results. Think of multi-tasking in a highly organized and efficient manner. Use the joy inherent in this to help you enjoy being efficient, effective and mindful of caring about all the details.  Mars/Jupiter in Virgo also symbolizes big jump-start on a new regime of health, nutrition, healing and well-being. Take advantage of this. The off-balance of this transit is being overly fussy, stressed and hyper-critical or an over abundance of nervous tension without any outlet.

New Moon in Libra Intention: “I AM Full of Beauty”  “I AM in Harmony with All of Life and Invite Relationships which are harmonious for my well-being and evolution.”

Thanks for reading this article! Happy New Moon in Libra. Let your actions be full of love, grace and harmony.

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