Celestial Twinkle: “The Tail End” – Uranus Square Pluto Transit

It’s not over yet. We are in the last remaining portion of the potent and powerfully transformative astrological transit of Uranus in Aries “Square” Pluto in Capricorn. Between now, November 2015 and into April 2016, this major cycle of development will move out of range. What to expect? More of the same themes, issues and challenges: “A Call to Action.” No more procrastination. It is time to act and put into practical application.

The planet Uranus in astrology symbolizes awakening, inner genius and sudden illumination. Uranus in the sign of Aries suggests being bold and courageous to explore unknown territories and experiences. The planet  Pluto in astrology symbolizes deep transformation, elimination, death and ultimately rebirth or resurrection. Pluto in Capricorn suggests integrity and empowered structures or guidelines. Increase of trust in physical reality through pragmatic action. Both of these planets symbolize sudden deep metamorphosis and change. Whatever this transit aspects in your sacred Natal Chart or Soul Blueprint, it will not remain the same.

This portion of the cycle is the pragmatic application and thus what comes with it is a series of opportunities to see how the integration is going as well as how well we are mastering the skills or new habits. I would say from my perspective, that there is still an accelerated surge and intensity to things. A three degree orb/range of Uranus/Pluto is still enough symbolic juice to ignite issues and reveal hot spots that need immediate attention for change. Just because it is the tail end of a potent cycle of development, do not underestimate the delicate focus and care it must be given. No one can just coast and do minimal effort here. This transit requires dedication and care.

From my perspective, Uranus Square Pluto transit at this stage symbolizes “rebirth, resurrection and re-emergence.” How does this show up in your life? How will you handle certain boundaries, areas, relationships? For some people, it is a final ending or conclusion of a relationship, chapter in life or even a business. Where one form dissolves, another is born.

There may be grief and intense emotions arising (this happens in stages and layers) that may need to be honored, felt and flushed through. Addictive, compulsive, rage, manipulative tendencies are again heightened and intensified. Either you are expressing this, others are behaving this way or you realize healing is a must to move away from such off-balance within or in a relationship(s) personal or business. Fears or doubts may plague you as you move from what is known into the unknown. Anxiety arises as the letting go may need to happen on every level; Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical.

If you are going through personal healing journey, it may feel as if deep core stuff is being exposed or past issues which had been buried and long forgotten yet not resolved surface. What comes up to the light of awareness is a part of the transformational wave now. Have the courage to go into face what needs your love and attention. If you need help or someone to guide you, find a trustworthy healer or Spiritual guide. Allow yourself to feel the gift of freedom and healing. Honor the past so you can experience a fresh lighter future.

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The Square aspect in astrology represents transforming limiting behaviors, forms and structures which no longer serve growth or healing and moving into a new healthier structure. Through precise tension and internal friction, prompts one to shed or let go of what is inhibiting one’s higher potential. Certainly, square aspect suggests solid growth and commitment to change and most of all a focus for grounding of the idea or inspiration. We are to test the theory, apply ourselves with integrity, implement new structures, systems and boundaries which promote health, well-being and empowerment with Uranus Square Pluto.

Uranus Square Pluto leaves a trail of new possibilities and potentials. Even if some things are not defined as of yet. Even if some things feel unknown or so cutting edge that it could be labled as “way out there.” Trust the in the Divine and in Diving Timing for what unfolds next could take our breath away and bring in surprises beyond what the mind comprehends.

Those people who are pioneers and enjoy a good hearty adventure will leap at the chance to move into new realms of consciousness and experiences. Whilst others may slowly get acquainted and acclimated after much resistance to move out of the comfort zone.

Nonetheless, it is a powerful time as the transit of Uranus Square Pluto helps each of us to usher out the old and in with the new as the year 2015 comes to a completion. This is the moment we have been waiting for. The birthing and the concrete changes. Freedom is ripe for the plucking from the Tree of Life. The truth is, each one of us has what is takes. We have the resources. Allow Soul to guide you, be willing to let the egoic mind take a back seat. To live through such a powerful transit such as Uranus Square Pluto can be deeply appreciated in hindsight and to those whose hearts and minds are attuned to higher Consciousness.

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