Overview: New Moon in Scorpio – November 11th, 2015

Anytime the Moon is in Scorpio there seems to be a potent magnetic pull to venture into the realm of deep feelings and a range of emotions. We enter the world of extremes including extreme passion and desire to investigate the Mysteries of Life or uncover emotional patterns as well as the urge to merge with someone or something that lifts us into higher states of consciousness. This New Moon in Scorpio is at 21 degrees on November 11th, 2015. The new moon phase symbolizes fresh slate for new opportunities.
nwm6The Sun and Moon unite in the powerfully creative sign of Scorpio. In astrology, Scorpio is a fixed mode of energy and a water element. This symbolizes depth of feeling, the ability to have a laser beam like approach. It also suggests that the individual tends to “act” when feeling safe or feeling the nudge.

Themes such as how others value you, sex, joint finances, death, rebirth, psycological complexes and any topic that is taboo in society, falls within the range of Scorpio and the 8th house in the chart. No matter what we feel that pull like the tide in the Ocean to be drawn into the deep, dark, and that which is buried or hidden. We may want to probe, merge and even surrender control in the extreme point to melt into bliss and acceptance at the potential.

The New Moon in Scorpio suggests experience higher states of connection, trust and surrender into empowerment through wise choice of who to merge or be in relationship with. It is a willingness to let go of resentments and bring greater love. For example, If the other is expressing love without conditions, wisdom, integrity, honesty and higher potential, then they will most likely enhance your life and well-being. If the other person is immersed in negativity, depression, wounds, vengfulness and addiction with no movement towards change to clearing the toxic energy, then that same energy will seep into your life and create toxic energy rather than helping you.

The archetypes of Scorpio are: Scorpion, The Eagle and finally the Phoenix. Each represent a stage of consciousness, healing, development and mastery.  The sign of Scorpio is often misunderstood and only the off-balance qualities are shown. Every astrological sign has off-balance and a mundane level of expression as well as a higher Soul-level or evolved potential expression. It is the individual’s choice as to what they want to do with the sign and its qualities.

The New Moon in Scorpio suggests a time to embody and express trust, empowerment, honesty and willingness to let go and move with life. Consider it a time to inquire within about inner workings, desires and motivations. What do you feel motivates your desires? Where are you harboring resentment? Where do you need to flush out emotional stagnation?

The New Moon in Scorpio makes a wide connection to transiting Chiron in Pisces retrograde (known as the wounded healer and teacher Archetype). This suggests the ease and harmony in forgiving, letting go and deeply healing. It may not feel like a struggle to heal, rather, a welcome release and flow of emotions and feelings. Go to the core of the issue let it fully heal through trust and acceptance. It is likely there is Spiritual insight and wisdom contained within the issue that is undergoing healing and an opportunity to feel greater compassion for self and others.

With transiting Mercury in Scorpio, choose to communicate honestly and with compassionate words which motivate or inspire. Mercury in Scorpio is warming up to a ‘trine to Chiron in Pisces suggesting, harmonious communication which is transforming and will help to let go of emotional fears and anxiety.

This would be a time of noticing the feelings and desires for the urge to merge with something far bigger and greater than the egoic mind. There may be a feeling to merge with the Divine, with the feeling of bliss and sense of safety or emotional trust. This would be the time to start or nurture a new habit of trusting yourself and then…others in the physical world. If an internal level of trust is not established, then the mistrust and suspicious will be projected onto others, life or the Divine.

There are two major noteworthy things occurring during this New Moon phase.

As many of you know, The Festival of Lights have been underway and celebrated all around the world in many ways with beautiful rituals and ceremonies. This New Moon in Scorpio has a special auspicious “new beginning” vibe to it. How so? This year, on November 11th, 2015 the Festival of Lights known as “Diwali” in India is celebrated. It is similar holy day such as Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa. A simple translation of Diwali is “rows of lighted lamps” and is celebrated during a New Moon, it is an auspicious Holy day and celebrations may go on before during and after.

What is also interesting is that in numerology, it is “11/11” and for some people it may be considered to be a Spiritual energetic portal where higher energies stream in and each may attune to receiving them consciously. Of course with the Scorpio tendency to go extreme, some people may be obsessed and over analyze the significance of 11/11 and add a lot of sub-text to it rather than taking it for what it is. Be straightforward and utilize the creative passion towards other places that require regeneration or deepening emotional intimacy and trust. Experience the shift of vibrations frequencies. With this it may stir up hidden fears or anxieties.

How to best work with the potential of the new moon phase? Keep the intention simple than over analyzing things. The New Moon in Scorpio is similar to a fertile womb where new birth may take place this year. It is full of fresh auspicious energy and the opportunity to be empowered.

Few Suggestions:
New Moon in Scorpio Intention: “I TRUST” — “I AM Willing to Let Go and Move with Life” — “I AM Willing to Transform”

Other important Astrological Configurations:

Although the Uranus Square Pluto aspect is complete (exact connection in its transit) there are longer lasting ripples being felt and the tail of end of things being addressed. Transiting Jupiter in Virgo has been making an inconjunct to Uranus in Aries retrograde, suggesting major adjustments towards greater assertiveness and efficiency. Though this aspect may symbolically show up as irritability, short fuse even uptight repressed anger. It may feel like an overwhelm for some individuals as there is “a lot of” happening or being juggled as Jupiter in Virgo is symbolically activating the Uranus/Pluto aspect now.

The other major transit building now is transiting Saturn in Sagittarius ‘Square’ Neptune in Pisces retrograde. This suggests the potential for shaping inspirations and ideas into reality. Yet like any transit, there are organic stages of development and thus may require patience and faith. There will be key issues arising around noticing and transforming limiting beliefs which create distortions in the mental and Spiritual levels. Illusions and delusions may also become prominent at some point within this transit yet at first it may be that blind-spots and possible resistance may prevent the truth from emerging from the inside out.

Thanks for reading this New Moon in Scorpio article! Wishes for an auspicious new beginning.

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