Celestial Twinkle: Venus enters Libra – November 8th, 2015

“The Beauty Within”

External beauty may fade over a life time, yet when you let the beauty of your Essence/Soul shine forth it is radiant and will glow continuously. Venus, the planet that symbolizes beauty, love and relationships enters the sign of Libra on November 8th, 2015.
ctw1blgLibra is an air element and a cardinal mode of energy expression. Although Libras tend to be fair, kind and always considering others, do not mistake that for weakness. It is anything but! Being a cardinal sign Libra has the potential to be dynamic, initiating and in command at all times. The metaphor that relates is: “An iron fist in a black velvet glove.” The qualities of Venus in Libra, may be used to create harmony, expand love and peace in life and within relationships. To be fair and just in all undertakings.

Venus in Libra at its potential symbolizes a time where relating with others promotes loving kindness, cooperation, “WE Consciousness” and peaceful win/win solutions in relationships. Venus in Libra provides the quality of “How can we harmonize?”

As Venus transits through the sign of Libra, there will be opportunities to see how much power and energy is given to external beauty and how much emphasis is given to genuine kindness and beauty that exists at the core of every human being.

Through relating with other human beings even animals, you get to see whether or not your real Self/Soul is expressing or a fictitious politically correct image that the egoic mind has crafted is being expressed. In other words, through relating with others and life, you get to know yourself more intimately and expand awareness. Venus in Libra tends to symbolize relationships are the gateway into your own self and the opportunity to honor others as you honor yourself.

On a creative level: This transit of Venus, suggests adding beauty to your surroundings which uplift and create a feeling of balance and serenity. Choose creative projects which are in resonance with your intention and vision.

On a romantic level: Venus in Libra suggests seeking potential partner which harmonizes with you. Being with someone who is fair, just and your equal will feel wonderful as you will be honoring yourself. Venus in Libra symbolism suggests a need for grace and refinement in a partner and within dating experiences. When both people in a relationship give, there is an overflow of love.

When Venus in Libra is being expressed in an off-balanced way: strong co-dependency, overly needing of approval from others, too much consideration of others, indecisive and keeping peace at the cost of your well-being.

Between November. 18th through November 26th, 2015; Venus in Libra will activate Pluto/Uranus aspect. This suggests highly dynamic tension which prompts growth, the need for breaking away of certain patterns or relationships to experience greater sovereignty. There may be hidden unconscious patterns or hidden agendas that come up through relating with others. It is possible someone or something could trigger a some chaos or upheaval. The purpose is to help you and others: “wake up now!” There is wonderful potential to initiate change and be moving with the dynamic energy so that anything stagnate can transform. Honor the grief, tears and emotions. There could be a need to implement healthier boundaries and of course assertively and lovingly stand your ground.

Venus in Libra suggests that when tangled up in the unhealthy habit of people pleasing and maintain peace at all costs it pulls you out of integrity within yourself and therefore it is not really helping others. It may only enable dysfunctional patterns and energies to remain nurtured.

Use your wisdom and strength to help you restore harmony and balance, first honor yourself and then others. This is the time to break away from co-dependency and enjoy your own company or move away from constant approval from others into deep self-acceptance and love.

The transit of Venus through Libra is overall quite pleasing and even social. Everyone may feel surge to reach out and connect with those of like interests and ideals. Scheduling fun parties and get togethers that allows time for playfulness and moves the focus away from work is helpful. Venus in Libra reminds each to relate to self and others with grace and loving kindness.

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