Overview: Full Moon in Gemini – November 25th, 2015

The Full Moon in Gemini at 3 degrees on November 25th, 2015 suggests a time of conversations about what has happened, what will happen and what the higher Truth is in the issue so that transformation and healing occurs rather than emotional stagnation.

During this full moon phase, the Sun is in Sagittarius is in ‘Opposition’ to Moon in Gemini suggests seeking the balance between facts and data and higher knowledge and wisdom rather than it being at odds. Full Moon phase tends to bring illumination to that which has been hidden from view deep within the subconscious. Habitual tendencies and unresolved emotional pain or reaction tend to surface you to address and work through it. It is possible to feel a whole lot of nervous tension right now.

It is not the best time to make lasting commitments at the moment.  And it is wise not to seek too many opinions as that will add to confusion. Also, there is a strong possibility, that there is a lot of disjointed thoughts, heaviness or confused emotions and mix match of information. There may be more clarity by the second week of December 2015 for long-term decisions or plans.

Most recent transit that also is being felt at the time of the Full Moon in Gemini is:  transiting Saturn in Sagittarius ‘Square’ Neptune in Pisces. This symbolizes the potential to shape inspirations and ideas into reality as well as deepen faith in daily life. What happens under a “square aspect” under the first of three aspects to this transit? It brings a teaching of slowing down, honoring the organic rhythms and being patient.

Saturn Square Neptune transit suggests, a crisis of faith, confusion on what to do, unclear on the limiting beliefs which impede growth as well as realizing where there is separation between physical and Spiritual. There may be internalized guilt and chronic behavior patterns that make themselves known. (This is 1st of two more aspects which occur 2016) Get acquainted with the issue(s) and themes for they will come up again.

The limitations are evident now as is the growing dissatisfaction. It is wise not to make lasting decisions right that this moment. Wait for a few weeks and then return to the idea or issue to see what to do next. Meanwhile, go within and seek guidance and wisdom or ask someone whom you trust to give you objectivity and help you work out the confusion.

The Full Moon in Gemini provides the space for feeling through the emotional confusion and emptying the well so to speak. That is the symbolic well may be full of worry, stress, past memories and unfelt emotions. When you honor and feel it through, there is an open space and clarity is felt and experienced.

If uncertainty is strong, the Full Moon in Gemini closely symbolically activates the Saturn/Neptune transit. A feeling of heaviness or seriousness accompanies this full moon. It is time to take responsiblity for what is yours to learn, experience and understand and what you are projecting onto others. It is possible to be delusional that you are “right” and the other person is “wrong.” It is also likely, the “internalized drama” that an individual has about an issue or situation is bigger, so much more complicated and spins things out of context.

The suggestion is: to fully step back, regroup, simplify and stay true to the a clear intention, then take action.

Rather than clinging to the egoic mind’s interpretation of right and wrong, allow yourself to rise higher, to transcend the duality of right/wrong and ask “What is the learning and insight that is mine to know and understand?”

Some things, plans or projects may have to be postponed, delayed or are not moving fast enough. It is how each person handles disappointment and the adversity that matter now. Ask yourself is this what I need or want? Being practical right now is essential as it will help provide a stronger base so you may manage whatever is happening and under the bustle of the Holiday Season.

With Jupiter’s transit through Virgo, there is symbolic support to discern and examine the details and to raise the bar so that all will benefit and hopefully heal.

The Full Moon in Gemini suggests talk about it, feel it, lighten up the heaviness by remembering to have faith in the bigger design of yourself and not to give into negativity thinking of the egoic mind. Whatever you decide, be responsible with the consequences thereafter.

Thanks for reading this article! Wishing you a Happy Full Moon in Gemini, one that attuned to the options and variety in life.

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