Celestial Twinkle: Chiron in Pisces Direct Motion – Nov. 28th, 2015

Chiron’s symbolism in astrology is known as the wounded healer, shaman and maverick. One of the essentials with Chiron’s symbolism is about return to wholeness and to realize that there never was a real separation from God/Divine to begin with. Yet, the the egoic mind’s interpertation of the wound or suffering dictates otherwise. We begin to feel the shift of Chiron Direct few days or up to a week beforehand. Chiron in Pisces at 16+ degrees on November 28th, 2015.

Pisces is a water element and a mutual mode of energy expression. Therefore may of the issues that may come up will include the emotional level and feelings.  The astrological sign of Pisces symbolism is two fish swimming: one to the depths of the Ocean and the other to the height of enlightenment. So we may feel the pull of opposing emotional tides, one a yearning to rise above the suffering and the other diving into depths of emotional pain and even depression.

During the shift from an introspective phase (Chiron retrograde) to Direct motion of Chiron, certain issues and themes that are symbolically activated now by this shift feel raw, open and highly sensitive. There may be a sense of emotional sluggishness, confusion and gunk waiting to be felt and worked through. There may be emotions around not feeling supported, loved or connected to the Divine/God during difficult times.

Chiron’s transit through Pisces suggests healing the illusion that there is a rift, gap or separation from God/Divine. Or that God/Divine has abandoned us in some way. It may require working through limited Spiritual beliefs as well. Also, helpful is to also surrender the delusion, illusion, distortion that prolongs suffering and emotional pain.

The critical journey of Chiron in Pisces is to lead the individual to the full embodied realization and feeling of the eteneral at Oneness with God/Divine. To know without doubt how we always have been closely held with love and guided even in the darkest moments.

Some people who have Chiron in Pisces in their Natal Charts, are (depending on which degree their Natal Chiron is in the Natal Chart) experiencing a “Chiron Return.” It is a crisis that may prompt a profound healing journey and a return to wholeness.

This transit, may lead a person to research and explore a path of energy healing or some alternative method of healing rather than rely on traditional medicine alone. For some people they discover Astrology or numerology which provides them insight and understanding about their life path, wounds and life lesson and mastery.

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Any type of transit of Chiron, offers a gift or blessing within the wound, pain or suffering. Pain is not who we are at the core. Some people over identify with the pain or suffering that they think that is who they are. Explore that perception and belief because it is distorted and based in fear and separation.

Yet, it is up to each person to have an open mind and heart to perceive the blessing and utilize it rather than focusing on the negativity. For some people, it is time to initate a new Spiritual practice or even engage in daily meditation to help ensure the nurturing of the connection to God/Divine in the physical world.

Chiron in Pisces transit suggests opening up to and being in the heart of feeling. To allow ourselves to merge with bliss, compassion, peace and love in new ways. Any healing that comes up now will perhaps bring insights into where there is discord and lack of peace or what needs forgiveness so love consciousness may expand even more.

Begin to the look at the emotional wound or suffering from a fresh new perspective. Practice deepening into self-forgiveness and applying forgiveness towards others. Learning to work with compassion than indulging in self-pity or pity for others will help.

And most importantly, willingly tuning into the gift that Chiron’s transit through Pisces is bringing to you. Fill the gaps of lack and limitation with compassion, love, gentleness and love. It is a choice to sit in the suffering far beyond necessary.

Chiron’s transit through Pisces will impart the ability to expand love consciousness and feel at ease and peace. There is boundless joy as we transcend the pain and shift into who we really are as Soul. Walk through the doorway of knowing you are at One with God/Divine.

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