Celestial Twinkle: Venus in Scorpio

Venus is now moving through the complex and magnetic sign of Scorpio until the end of the year, December 30th, 2015. There is a tendency to want to investigate, dig for information and even explore hidden emotional caverns within one’s being.

The year ends with the opportunity to uncover the fears, phobias and secret longings. And then there is focus and inner resources to face and heal so there is greater unconditional love as Venus moves through the intense sign of Scorpio. Take the chance to transform the stuck points so creativity may flow effortlessly. Consciously working with this symbolism and transit provides the insights as to where you are in terms of trust, power/empowerment, vulnerability, emotional intimacy and self-respect.

The potential with Venus in Scorpio is to relate to others with emotional depth, sensitivity and to create an empowered trust-filled space with one or both parties is able to open up and be vulernable. Venus in Scorpio, at the highest level, has tremendous emotional strength and resources to let go of that which is toxic, unhealthy and harmful and shift into a more loving creative space.

Venus in Scorpio at its highest expression craves relationship that is trustworthy and isn’t afraid to explore the Mysteries of life. The desire is for full intimacy on the Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. It’s all or nothing. Issues around power, trust, transformation, letting go, joint finances, how other people value you as well as legacies are all a part of this transit.

Let’s face it, when Venus in Scorpio is off-balance or operating from a dysfuncational space, there is revenge plots, fear-based control and manipulation, selfishness, jealousy and bitterness accumulation beneath the surface.

The fixed mode of energy of Scorpio tends to hold on to to the extreme point. Yet the potential here is for recycling, transformation and letting go to birth something new.

Venus in Scorpio tends to be a highly creative energetic space and symbolism. A range of feelings and emotions spur the creative expression. At times, the inner most secrets are revealed to the light of awareness. The freedom to heal the past through forgiveness is another potential with this transit. It is important to notice how other people value you or…do not. This gives insight and choices to be made so resentment does not build down the road.

In romance, love and sex; Venus in Scorpio symbolism suggests all or nothing. There is no gray. Either a person is fully available or comitteed or needs to go. Declare your interest like a laser beam. Be sure you are building trust through actions and creating a space that is safe and honorable for a long term future for the relationship to thrive.

Romance needs evoke deep feeling of the urge to merge and be attentivie. Colors like dark reds, black, silver, white may stimulates the senses. The urge to merge is strong. Private intimate dinners, long walks by the water, Soulful exchanges in a room full of people tends to activate Venus in Scorpio.

As Venus transits through Scorpio, transforms the fears of intimacy, trust and empowerment. It all begins how trustworthy you are to your own self and well-being. Then you can ask that of others. If you are not able to stay empowered and respect yourself, others will follow your lead. Stay centered and relate from there.

Venus in Scorpio heralds a time where deep exchanges evoke emotional intimacy and continuing to build trust as well as a safe space for real vulnerablity for authentic exchanges to occur. This is the time to birth greater self-respect, trust and empowerment before the New Year begins.

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