Overview: Full Moon in Cancer – December 25th, 2015

“Melting into the Comfort of Peace”

Anytime a full moon occurs, it tends to heighten emotional waves. With this particular Full Moon in the water sign of Cancer at 3 degrees on December 25th, 2015, the emphasis will be on past memories, ancestral patterns and emotional attachment. Getting cozy near a fireplace and being introspective about life may be a wonderful remedy and soothing for the Soul. The Full Moon in Cancer suggests taking extra care of personal needs and nurturing self and others.

At the time of the Full moon on December 25th,2015, the Sun is in Capricorn while the Moon is in Cancer highlighting the axis of personal/family and professional, practical and emotional, the outer physical and inner personal worlds. Rather than pulling apart in different directions, the key will be to strike a balance and harmonize so that both the personal and professional worlds work in complimentary ways with each other.

What do you crave? Freedom, emotional intimacy,  peace, love, stability, change, healing, joy or to be nurtured? Under the energy and symbolism of the Full Moon in Cancer, emotional cravings may run higher than normal. There may be a feeling you desire to experience yet, the craving may come out through eating, spending or drinking. Take a look at which emotion needs to be felt and or which habit needs to be adjusted or change to help shift things.

With almost any Full Moon phase, it is possible to experience some strong emotional undercurrents  or reactions within interactions. During the Holidays, being with family will certainly trigger unresolved emotional stuff to the surface. Through the interaction with the other, awareness expands. You gain insight into a new possible choice and action for a very different healthy yet loving outcome. In order to do this, it is imperative to let go of past relational cords (energy cords), guilt, resentments, and hurts to give way for real empowered vulnerability and honest feelings to express.

The Full Moon in Cancer makes a lovely aspect to Neptune in Pisces which suggests feeling like opening up and being vulnerable, melting into comfort of peace as well as the ease in applying forgiveness for healing to take place. Transcend the old ways of lack of bonding into greater emotional intimacy. Emotional boundaries may feel dissolved since Neptune’s symbolism is involved. This can be helpful if you want to rise higher and expand the heart energy on a Soul-level to experience new levels of compassion and love.

With softened and expanded boundaries, it may feel easier to absorb positive feedback or attune to higher states of love and compassion or others negativity and nervous tension or stress. Pay attention to which is entering into your energy field. Make conscious decisions to help preserve your personal well-being.

Perhaps dream-state activity will reveal interesting symbolism, offer healing and better insight into one’s subconscious as well as ethereal communication from loved one(s). A greater understanding may emerge of a situation that has been creating tension inside. Meditation and solitude for deep contemplation may also lift you into a higher state of feeling while offering clarity and insight.

This wonderful peaceful flow will off-set some of the “unexpected” and possibly discombobulating energies going on at the same time with transiting Uranus in Aries at 16 degrees moving into direct motion or outward expression (re-activating the Uranus square Pluto transit). The theme is “wake-up, break-free, liberate.”

Some delays or reversals are possible. Though many of you are familiar with the themes from the last two or  three years of this transit between Uranus/Pluto. Major transitions are still happening as are serious realizations. Issues around power, control, assertiveness, innovation are also coming up.

Transiting Mercury in Capricorn makes a fabulous ‘trine’ to Jupiter in Virgo while making a tense connection ‘square’ to Mars in Libra. This suggests down to earth harmonious conversations which promote goodness and positive expression for the most part. Mercury/Jupiter suggests focus on research, creative communication, and practical application to make a vision come into reality.

Mental energy feels expanded and realistic now. There may be tension on how to harmonize or take pragmatic action to better relationships. If this energy gets pent up, there could be a lot of nervous tension build up or politically correct yet hyper-critical cutting jab comments. It is best to find useful channels to express the expanded mental energy now.

With this transit between Mercury/Jupiter, You may receive unexpected feedback, recognition, surprise Holiday wishes and so forth.  If you are paying attention, your prayers are being answered by the Universe through various spontaneous conversations and exchanges of information. There also may be concrete examples given to offer insight or solutions.

The Full Moon in Cancer message is that of nurturing and nourishing real vulnerability for flowing emotional intimacy from Soul to Soul. Take care of your needs so that you don’t engage in neediness now. Allow emotions to clear out and to forgive the past hurts. Transcend the ordinary into higher state of compassion and awareness.

Suggested Intention for the Full Moon in Cancer:
“I Feel Nourished on All levels” “I AM Compassion”

Looking at your own Natal Chart:
Anyone with planets in Cardinal signs Aries/Libra/Cancer/Capricorn from 0 to 6 degrees will feel an added influence of the Full Moon in Cancer. Though all astrological signs will feel this to some degree.

Wishing you a nurturing Full Moon in Cancer! Thanks for reading this article.

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