Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn – January 2016

Mercury the planet that symbolizes communication and the linear mind moves into the futuristic sign of Aquarius on January st, 2016. The focus will be on being progressive and having innovative ideas as well as evolving perceptions. On January 5th, 2016, Mercury shifts into Retrograde phase in the intellectual sign of Aquarius at 1 degree.

Planets do not cause anything in Astrology. They symbolize themes within Consciousness. By changing your use of the language around Mercury retrograde, you bring clarity and empowerment of your experience before, during and after a Mercury retrograde phase. Projecting blame or giving power away won’t help you or anyone, certainly the “planets” don’t want your power. Astrology is a sophisticated symbol system designed to help you – stay empowered.

The potential of Mercury in Aquarius is an objective progressive mind and thinking as well as having innovative ideas which helps uplift the collective consciousness in some way. It is a great time to experiment with out of the box ideas and radically shift perceptions. Aquarius is an air element and a fixed mode of energy.

Majority of this particular Mercury retrograde is in the down to earth sign of Capricorn. Mercury in Capricorn suggests perceptions and thought processes become more structured and ideas need to be concrete. Looking into the structure of thoughts or perceptions is another relevant piece to Mercury in Capricorn. The astrological sign of Capricorn is an earth element and a cardinal mode of energy. Capricorn at its potential is pretty dynamic and knows how to plan for success in the long term.

Mercury goes Direct in the earth sign of Capricorn at 15 degrees on January 25th, 2016.

It helps to move with the astrological rhythm rather than create extra mental frustration. Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn suggests reviewing what needs to be restructured and reorganized. The other thing to take a closer look at is how
the concrete mind interferes with faith, trust and greater understanding when it comes to Spirituality or anything non-physical. When Mercury is in an earth sign the mind believes only what it sees in its physical form. Reflect on how this may create interference and separation in your perception and thinking in daily life.

What will be helpful during this Mercury Retrograde  in Capricorn transit:
Redefine relationship roles, structures, projects
Renegotiate boundaries
Revise plans, visions, foundations
Rethink perceptions and dissolve old ways of thinking
Reconnect with integrity, strength, patience on a mental/intellectual level

 Suggestions during Mercury Retrograde:
Self-reflection, meditation, introspection
– Review, revise, rethink: any “RE” activities
– Clean up unused ideas within the last three months
-Be more in non-linear mode. Stillness, being in silence, decluttering the mind, meditate, engage in art and find ways to relax the mind.

During the Mercury Retrograde while it is in Capricorn, it will make a fabulous “Trine” aspect to Jupiter in Virgo retrograde. This is a great time to take a magnified look at what is working effectively, where communication needs to be refined, how to set up an efficient new system.

This transit between Mercury/Jupiter also symbolizes expanded amount of communication, thinking and exchanging information. It is possible to hear from people, businesses and organizations from the past. It is also possible to receive and give feedback, positive recognition and positive concrete or detailed information. It’s great energy to re-write a manuscript or revise educational programs. Promise what you know you will deliver. Make good use of this transit. (It is possible to over-analyze, be critical with this transit, depending on how it activates your personal Natal Chart.) Moderation is key!

From about January 18th through January 30th, 2016 Mercury in Capricorn continually makes an aspect to Uranus/Pluto transit. It’s wise to slow down while driving, pay attention to surroundings, be patient in communicating and with sudden changes or upsets. There is potential for a dynamic spark or ignition of something during that time period. The grace that counter-balances things during this time period is Mercury in Capricorn will also continually make a ‘Trine’ Aspect to Jupiter in Virgo retrograde. This can bring a enormous wave of positive or helpful communication, information and new possibilities. Mercury/Jupiter-Rx suggests a lot of down to earth conversations, being pragmatic about integrating new ideas in daily life as well as fine tuning any systems or routines for the best possible outcome. Key is to find ways of being efficient and effective with the bigger vision.

By the end of the month, as Mercury in Capricorn at 15 degrees shifts into Direct motion on January 25th, 2016, it does so with an intense symbolic burst stimulating the already raw and creatively potent Uranus in Aries ‘square’ Pluto in Capricorn. Expect the unexpected. Be prepared to alter plans and make sudden changes. There is rich potential for major breakthroughs, realizations and revelations now. Use this symbolic nudge towards venturing into the unknown adventure and to broaden horizons.

Interesting revelations may unfold through unusual sources or situations. Remain flexible and move with the changes rather than resisting them.  It’s wise to watch your tone in communication during this time. Pent up frustration may either feel like a sharp jab or controlling. Choose to communicate with integrity and patience.

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