Overview: Full Moon in Leo – January 23rd, 2016

The Full Moon in Leo occurs at 3 degrees on January 23rd, 2016. Whatever has been inhibiting or holding back the expression of feelings may open up. Emotions may be bursting through the carefully stitched seams. Under the full moon phase in astrology, the emotional level is heightened and whatever that has been tucked away in the subconscious becomes illuminated. The main focus now is the expression of love and joy. What holds you back? Where does it need to be more authentic?

The Sun in Aquarius, the Moon in Leo are in opposition. This suggests rather than being odds with the mind and heart, they need to be united in a common intention and relationship. The Full Moon in Leo suggests rather than being attached to the past or future, stay in the now. It is easy to get lost in the attachment rather than doing something different in the present moment to alter experience and feel a flow of love, creative expression and joy.

During the Full Moon in Leo, The Inner Child Archetype is brought to the forefront. Perhaps an emotional memory and reaction or a long held painful issue arises now for healing and to bring powerful insight. It is interesting to witness how the child within internalizes painful situation and or experience and then that creates a habitual tendency to keep the shame, guilt, pain, anger in place. It may not know what to do with it all. Yet, the adult in you can find a way to heal and put the past to rest. Talk about it, but don’t stop there. Feel it. Go into the heart of the issue and be compassionate present with the unresolved emotions and interpertation.

With other major astrological transits happening during the time of the Full Moon in Leo, there is a seriously intense vibe being felt and experienced. Deep buried emotions are being jolted awake either in individual, relationships, family dynamics or on a global front (or combination). Core issues are making strong waves.  Lack of unconditional love becomes evident.

It’s time for that emotional package and or habit from the past to heal and settle into new place as well as create space for new possibilities. This is signified by the Full Moon in Leo, while Mercury Retrograde making an aspect to Uranus/Pluto transit. Free yourself! Let the heart be free to feel and love in all its innocence and simplicity.

The other major theme happening now, is feeling examining if you feel joy for your life and being alive? Do you feel stuck in grief? Are you distracting yourself with being overly busy to slow down and feel? Who or what have you given your power to experience lack of joy? You may find that the old mask you had on (even a self-image) dissolves now so there is a greater authenticity of expression.

If you are experiencing a lack of joy, you may notice numbness or a dullness even a lack of emotion residing in the heart energy center. Like a flatness and maybe even not being able to access your emotional level. This gives the indication that something needs to be healed and transformed. The Full Moon in Leo invites you to inquire into the heart energy and emotional levels.

Mercury in Capricorn soon to station Direct (Jan. 25th), makes a conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn while square to Uranus in Aries. This symbolism suggests the perfect ingridents to take away emotional barriers from long ago that held pain in place. Digging deep, fear, anxiety and old stagnant stuff is coming up to the surface. There may be questions about how resources are being used and abused. Hidden information could be revealed providing greater understanding and perhaps new choices.

Be patient with the process and stay aligned with staying empowered than being swallowed up in pain and suffering. What or who pulled you away from being unconditionally loving? To let go of an emotional attachment or pain, requires perception to shift and move to the next level up. Only then can a new solution appear to solve the issue and bring profound healing – a return to love.

Many changes are happening, some big, some incredibly intense. Relationships are being restructured and some relationships are drifting onto new paths. Loss is temporary, a transition. One form dissolves until something else births. Some people will be finding a new way to be and express in the world. It could be a quiet under the cover process at first and as the momentum builds, a more vibrant expression occurs.

Remain looking forward than being overly attached to what is gone. Best to stay light and flexible as things are suddenly changing. Where you feel out of control, breathe and get more grounded and aligned with the Divine. Where you feel loss of power, go within and reconnect with your Soul to know your empowerment.

New possibilities are birthing. New paths are being discovered. Yet in the process from formless into form, patience and openness is helpful. Trust that the definition or shape will take place soon as the timing is appropriate. The message of the Full Moon in Leo is to freedom to love.

Thanks for reading this article.

Happy Full Moon in Leo!


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