Overview: New Moon in Aquarius – Feb. 8th, 2016

The New Moon in Aquarius at 18 degrees on February 8th, 2016 brings the symbolism and quality of originality. This new moon, the Sun and Moon unite in the innovative sign of Aquarius bringing in the sharp focus of team work and group consciousness.

There is wonderful potential to be brave and confident to be yourself and express originality even in the midst of a group.  It is possible to want to form or create new friendships or reconnect with friends that are meaningful under the vibes of the New Moon in Aquarius. The new moon signfies the potential of new beginnings within the Lunar cycle in astrology.

The New Moon in Aquarius is still in a tension like aspect to transiting Mars in Scorpio. This suggests the importance of trusting the delay and working through extreme thoughts, emotions and fears. It is a time of becoming aware of internal pattern which creates erratic action or procrastination.

The sign of Aquarius brings attention towards tapping into the Inner Scientist or Innovator Archetype. This astrological sign is also objective and detached in its approach. There is potential for Aquarius to be social and enjoy communicating its ideas and thoughts to those with similar interests.

During the New Moon in Aquarius, it is a great time to share brilliant ideas and experiment with new ways or possibilities. Brainstorm those of similar interests or common ground. After a period of chaos, a new order settles in. With the new beginnings of this New Moon in Aquarius, there is a doorway opening for a new order soon to settle in.

Additional astrological cycles that are equally as important as the New Moon phase:

What is coming back into range now is transiting Chiron in Pisces ‘opposition’ to transiting Jupiter in Virgo retrograde. Deep patterns and issues arise for wholistic approach to healing. With Chiron in Pisces transit, the need to heal separation from God/Divine or Life is up, the question of feeling purposeful, connected to Spirit of Soul is also being felt or contemplated plus much more. This transit of Jupiter/Chiron represents the magnification of certain key issues that require restoration of balance and healing on all levels with precision. It is helpful to blend both the practical steps with Spiritual help or energy, by understanding how the bigger purpose fits into daily life.

The essential part of this transit is, asking yourself what requires healing back to wholeness. What grounded steps need to be taken for optimal health and wellness? There may be a upswing in emotions, digestive issues, need for letting go uptight energy in favor of peace and relaxation, the urge to get more realistic and fine tune health, nutrition, meditation and exercise routines. What requires healing is evident now.

The other amazing transit to notice is transiting Saturn in Sagittarius ‘trine’ Uranus in Aries. This suggests potent action packed energy to achieve long-term goals and visions with ease. This transit offers the gift of sustaining passion, joy and feeling the strength to carry on and being open to new explorations outside of the same old routine or comfort zone. There is a daring quality to this transit. Daring yourself to venture into unknown zones and interact with new people as well as embodying your philosophy that boasting or bragging about it. Saturn/Uranus transit suggests unusual surprises when taking spontaneous actions. Now is the moment to seize the inspiration and act on it.

Thanks for reading this article! Happy New Moon in Aquarius. Be original.

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