Celestial Twinkle: Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius March 25th, 2016

Transiting Saturn shifts into Retrograde in the sign of the Archer; Sagittarius at 16 degrees on March 25th, 2016. This symbolizes a time to become more introspective about the last several months of trials, lessons, mastery and all the practicalities going on in life. Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius suggests a time to redefine success, deepen faith, support a more meaningful and joyful life in daily life.

Since planets symbolize things within Consciousness and don’t cause anything, no one can really blame Saturn unless you simply don’t want to take responsibility for your choices, actions and behaviors. In one way, you may sense within yourself a feeling of gravity, seriousness or a weight. In another way, old fears of lack, scarcity, limitation may also be coming up strongly. This is the perfect representation of Saturn. It helps each to touch the Earth and to focus on what is real and important. By remaining empowered you do not need to join up with the old off-balance patterns.

Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius provides the space to be reflective as to where there is realistic progress and maturity and where the self-imposed limitations and fears are taking hold. Certainly, there is potential to mature and become more present in the body than zipping away and avoiding reality.

Many may find a resistance to grow up and move out of comfortable places even if they are locked in fear and lack. Yet, the beauty of Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius is that those chronic fear-based limitations, beliefs and lack of faith presses each person in a concentrated way until the person wakes ups and says OK, time to take a step. Yet you don’t have to wait so long and prolong the suffering. That is a choice.

Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius may also bring up areas where you need to move and act in faith that the Divine will support you rather than being a prisoner of scarcity. This can be in the area of money/finances/love/health-wellness and so forth.

It is imperative to not only expand self-knowledge but also to apply the knowledge and thus wisdom is gained as well as integrating the idea to see if it is of value in the physical world.

Think of Saturn’s symbolism as a needed part of the wholeness. Without physical structure, form, to sustain, fortify, mastery, maturity or the organic process everything would at some point fall apart.  No one is testing you but yourself. You, as a Soul call into being the very experience you need for your overall evolution.

Therefore Saturn’s symbolic quality of “testing” is really your own Inner Authority testing things out within self and life. Normally, people tend to project blame onto a higher authority figure or even God/Divine for the tests and difficulty. To take ownership of being in partnership with the Divine/God and Life is essential. That means you need to take responsibility for your part in the experiences.

For the next few months while Saturn is in Retrograde phase in Sagittarius, it provides the time to realize where there has been solid progress and achievements and where or which part needs further concentration. It is a time for compassionate evaluation and assessment.

With this particular transit of Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius (retrograde now), beliefs such as “I’m not worthy, I can’t, I feel unsafe to be me or to be in my power, I am not able to speak my truth, I feel unloved …..etc.” are arising strongly. There are ways to work with this. When explored, there are self-imposed limitations that lock you into a repeat mode.

And more often than not, there is an underlying fear of  “Divine/God and Life won’t support me.” It is time to rise up and stand with strength in the face of the limited fear. It is time to transform and heal the distorted chronic belief and move towards freedom. Will you rise up and heed the call?

Some of you do fee like all the efforts you are applying are not really making the effective shift you need. Some of you are experiencing being weighed down by the heaviness of the issue. It is helpful to receive help and support to get you going into a new energetic and physical space.


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