Mars Retrograde Phase April 17th to June 29th, 2016

“The Power of Faith and Aiming for a Higher Vision”

Each Mars retrograde phase is unique, no two are the same even if some themes are Universal in nature. This Mars retrograde begins in the sign of the Archer; Sagittarius at 8 degrees on April 17th, 2016 lasting until the end of June 2016. In an overall sense, what are some major themes and how can you make the best use of the potential?

With a retrograde phase, as any planet stations there is a tendency of “concentration” of energy, as if it becomes more potent or focused. And depending on the planet you will notice the themes. Mars shifting into retrograde phase shifts vitality, confidence and the drive or impulse to act more introspective or turned inward. Keep it simple, refrain from adding fear or the eogic mind’s interpretation into good or bad.

Each person needs a healthy sense of self, somewhat for the Soul/Essence to express itself through on the Earth. Yet, if you hold onto your fictitious self-identity too tightly due to over identification and do not leave room for knowing yourself as Essence/Soul, under this phase you have the chance to explore how to go beyond the name, role and status and realize your authentic self where your core power exists. The egoic mind must align with something greater than itself, move from fear into trust.

Mars symbolizes ego or identity/sense of self in the world. Having a confident sense of self that is present and ready for Soul to express itself. Yet the ego really needs to take directive from Soul rather than running your life. Mars also represents vitality, vigor, sexuality, courage and confidence.  With a healthy balanced Mars symbolism in the Natal chart the person is able to take assertive action, face fears or adversity as well as have the courage to take healthy risks in life.

There are two powerful themes or qualities of energies during this Mars Retrograde phase; Sagittarius (fire sign) and Scorpio (water sign). Mars in Sagittarius at its potential symbolizes taking clear assertive action on a higher vision with faith and understanding. Mars begins its retrograde phase in Sagittarius yet then most of the retrograde phase and goes Direct in the highly passionate sign of Scorpio. Mars in Scorpio at its potential is taking empowering action to build trust and increase emotional intimacy.

Mars retrograde may bring up themes around where there is lack of faith and trust or where higher knowledge is missing therefore one is unable to take action with trust that Life is there every step of the way. This retrograde phase may reveal things in the nooks and crannies of the emotional level as well as the relationship to the Divine/God/Source/Universe. There may be a glimpse into where there are chronic limited beliefs creating a barrier from feeling a Oneness with the All and where there is strong separation based in fear from the egoic mind.

Of course the egoic mind left to its own devices wouldn’t let you get very far in life. In fact, it rather keep you stuck, attached to and powerless to the past, to the known to that which installs suffering. Oftentimes a person thinks how angry they are at the “other” when in actuality it is anger towards the self for not being able to stand firm, say no, hold healthy boundary, take action, be assertive and so forth. When this realization occurs, there is a new choice to be made. The egoic mind likes the known and the past. It does not want to face itself as powerless yet it is when it projects blame onto others. It dislikes the unknown. The unknown is where there is multitude of possibilities, where there is expansion beyond the reasoning of the mind.

Suggestion to work with Mars Retrograde:
“RE” activities; revise, renew, regenerate, redo, review, reconnect, relinquish, release.

Certainly, old issues arise during a Mars retrograde. What shows up is usually about resolving, healing or forgiveness to let go of someone or something.

People from the past (this lifetime or other lifetimes) may appear. It can be for the purpose of healing and resolving undone stuff. Before you jump into the “forever” zone on a romantic front,” remember that the person may be there for a shorter duration for healing or growth. Being patient and observing will give plenty of understanding and options once Mars retrograde goes direct.

Time of healing and working through buried anger, irritations, lack of courage.

Revising plan of action for the next 2 years. A time to review, reflect. Implement clear action on the new plan in mid August 2016.

As Mars in Sagittarius goes retrograde it makes a tense aspect ‘Square’ to transiting Neptune in Pisces. This suggests internal frustration, confusion, self-doubt and uncertainty. It is possible for a lack of follow through or missing of key details. Or you may find you take a step or two and slide back a bit leaving you feeling defeated. There is a deep dissolving occurring that is outside the control of the egoic mind which may trigger anxiety and lack of faith or trust. It is best to only promise what you know you have energy for and will deliver through this phase. Be sure to take small steps rather than attempt to take huge leaps now. Remember this process with Mars retrograde is temporary yet important to honor than resist.

There may be a feeling to be still or in silence hear one’s wisdom more clearly. Mars/Neptune suggests lethargy, sluggishness to vitality and even fatigue. Remember, this is a temporary yet vitally important phase for renewal and revising. Square aspect in astrology may symbolize slowing things down yet it does not deny manifestation. There is an organic timing to things. Once there is a heart-felt acceptance all flows more easily. The greater the fight and resistance the more exhaustion you may feel now.

Mars retrogrades back into the sign of Scorpio. Time to do some internal excavation and investigate what is holding you back from greater emotional intimacy and trust.This part of the retrograde phase represents that deep hidden desires, motivations and possible unearthing secrets may show up. Mars retrograde in Scorpio is highly transformative and helps to dig up repressed/suppressed fear-based energies, buried anger, resentment, pain, ego ruffles..all for healing and to reestablish trust. Scorpio is a water sign so emotional issues are strong. Anywhere you felt betrayed by self or another, power struggles, lack of trust all may have a part in the transit. This is a wonderful time to do healing and letting go as Mars retrograde in Scorpio brings one to focus on the “letting go.”

Mars retrograde phase allows one to free up trapped vitality, adrenaline and redirect it into present time for clear assertive action. This is a necessary aspect and quality for one to realize one’s dreams and feel fulfillment of one’s desires and goals. In a way, with this particular Mars transit, it is important to become more fully in trust and empowered to be able to take action with faith on a new higher vision for your life and even in relationships of any kind. It begins within you. Then it is how you confidently take action on the inspiration and faith.

Mars turns Direct at 23 degrees Scorpio on June 29th, 2016. It would be wise to wait until Mars is completely out of its shadow in mid August 2016 to take brand new action or initiate something new.

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