Overview: Mercury Retrograde in Taurus April 28th – May 22nd, 2016

Mercury Retrograde phase is actually an incredibly important astrological cycle contrary to popular belief and talk. It provides the opportunity for the nervous system to recharge and a chance to reorganize from the last three months. If your perception of this phase is in a healthy well-balanced state, you will make better use of its potentials. If you fear or have a skewed perception, it will only make it more difficult. And it does not need to be. Mercury in Taurus shifts into Retrograde phase on April 28th, 2016 where it will remain until May 22nd, 2016 when it goes into Direct motion.

The Potential:
Mercury, the planet of communication and logical thought process as well as learning is in the reliable sign of Taurus. Mercury in Taurus at its potential attuned one to ideas, perceptions and thinking that is of value and provides stability. When Mercury is in Taurus, it gives one a concrete mind and the ability to concentrate to see things through to the end mentally and intellectually. Mercury in Taurus symbolizes learning through visuals and the senses to capture a tangible image in the mind. Thoughts that are prosperous, healing abundant and create beauty are wonderful to strengthen with this transit.

The Off-Balance:
When Mercury in Taurus is off-balance, there is laziness, stubbornness, rigidity as well as fixation on the physical aspect of life. It tends to avoids theories, facts  and abstract thought. Mercury in Taurus become over attached to the physicality of life and only perceives what it can see or sense in a concrete way.

“Slow down and perceive what is really present and where you are.”

With Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Taurus, everyone has the opportunity to “RE” activities; revise, review, redo, reevaluate, reorganize, reprioritize, reposition, resign, return to and so forth. The main focus will be on the themes or qualities of Taurus which are about reality, values, concrete images, grounded thinking and being willing to concentrate and finish a task. It is a great time to take notice and stock of your life and where you are now.

Slowing down does not mean things will be stunted or become stuck in one place. There is growth and movement yet the pace is much slower and of course organic. If you can appreciate that, you are then working with the potential rather than fighting upstream against it all. Being in stillness is really needed now. You have the chance to really feel into things, understand and transform perception as well as come to terms and perhaps even make a deeper lasting healthy commitment when Mercury shifts into Direct or outward motion.

Use this phase to transform outdated perceptions and limiting ideas or thinking. Steadily work towards clearing up past unresolved communication issues or situations which have weighed you down long enough. Keeping outdated thinking in place may hold you back from having innovative ideas and inspirations. Having a fixed perception of yourself or someone else does not allow you to see or notice the changes in the present moment.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus suggests being in the here and now to perceive through the physical senses. This allows you to take in richness and beauty on all levels. Although this Mercury retrograde phase is in an earth sign (Taurus) the aim is the physical or earth element rather than engage in abstracts or world of theories.

“If I can’t see it with my physical eyes, I don’t believe it”

Oftentimes the mind clenches onto the concrete information and does not allow for higher guidance from a non-physical reality to blend into things. And this creates a limited perspective of perceiving with the physical eyes and not our higher perception. Mercury Retrograde in Taurus may be a wonderful time to plant “seed ideas” of fortifying the perception that the Divine or Source energy creates the physical and within the physical level of reality there is Divinity. It is not separate, therefore must be treated with love, respect and reverence.

Each Mercury Retrograde phase is unique, no two are the same. From my perspective this particular Mercury Retrograde will have a really nice potential and energy to work with. If the egoic mind is fixated on the negatives of this phase of development, you may miss the extraordinary possibilities.

As Mercury continues its retrograde phase, it will make a positive easy flowing “Trine” to transiting Jupiter in Virgo (goes direct on May 9th) and transiting Pluto in Capricorn retrograde. This allows for the mind and thought process to be resourceful, practical and access more grounded solutions for long-term benefits.

Tangible COSMIC Kiss energy
From May 11th through May 15th, 2016
Venus in Taurus makes a ‘conjunction’ to Mercury in Taurus while ‘re-activating’ the Grand Earth Trine. If you have been waiting on a reply for something, it may flow in now.  Beginning of tangible expansion through relationships or networking. A rekindling of romance, communication or interactions with someone from the past or past life,  positive recognition and feedback may to boost self-worth, business and or bring an ending to a long-standing issue. There is a sensuality and a great amount of positivity as well as abundance with this entire transit. As with any Grand Trine aspect, you have to make use of this enormous goodness otherwise it feels great and it will pass right by without you using its potentials

Mercury in Taurus shifts into Direct motion on May 22nd, 2016. Mercury goes Direct in Taurus while making a ‘Grand Earth Trine’ to transiting Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn retrograde. This is a time to meticulously build and expand in stages due to Mars is still retrograde for another month (end of June 2016). There may be big visions or practical information available to help accomplish it few months down the road. Mental energy feels brighter stronger and more stabilized now.

After May 22nd, the pace communication will slowly begin to move in a more regular outward expression than remain introspective. Mercury in Taurus attunes each to communicating only that which is value and may create beauty and stability. Mercury in Taurus provides the steadfastness to complete projects and plans. With this transit of Mercury in Taurus as it goes direct, it will be a time to shape and sculpt new ideas and test them out in reality to see if they are worthy to utilize.

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