Celestial Twinkle: Mercury in Taurus – Direct motion May 22nd, 2016

If you are eagerly looking forward to having the pace of communication move more outward and expression, the time has arrived. On May 22nd, 2016, Mercury in Taurus at 14 degrees is now in direct motion. This symbolizes the pace shifting from an introspective (retrograde phase) into a more external ready for conversations space (direct motion).

The potential of Mercury’s transit through the steadfast sign of Taurus is to share ideas that are of value, realistic and will make a concrete change. Test out ideas in reality to see if they truly are useful and productive.

Mercury in Taurus ‘Trines’ Jupiter in Virgo and widely ‘Trines’ Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde. This gorgeous Grand Earth Trine symbolizes an abundant amount of energy to shift perceptions, thinking and thoughts easily and effortlessly. It is helpful to use this energy or it simply will be mentally uplifting yet nothing else will come of it.

Over the next two weeks, as Mercury symbolically picks up momentum, communication will also be steadily moving. The delays and symbolic road blocks in communication also will lift slowly over the next two weeks, so please continue to be patient and remain on course steady and strong.

Mercury in Taurus/Jupiter in Virgo transit symbolizes the urge to be expansive in thought and talk about big ideas in a concrete and realistic way. For some people, they will need to broadcast their ideas or message in a down to earth way. This energy is great for building quality networking base as well as fine tuning things. One helpful piece here is when you do communicate an idea, inspiration or information be conscience and make sure it is of value. Otherwise conserve your energy until the timing is right for something else.

The questions to ask are; “How does this idea take shape in reality? What does it look like as it is brought into form? Will it be fruitful and remain long-lasting?”


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