Overview: New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo – September 1st, 2016

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo at 9 degrees on September 1st, 2016 brings the potential of streamlining and being effective on all levels. Virgo is an earth element and mutable mode of energy expression. The theme is about attending to details with love, integrity and care.  The New Moon phase in astrology provides the symbolic space for planting new intention in the fertile ground of the subconscious.

With an added bonus, the Solar Eclipse symbolism provides the “extra potent” charged activation towards the new beginnings energy contained within the New Moon phase. And the intention set has the potential to unfold in stages over the next 12 months as long as you are nurturing the intention taking practical steps to move along the process.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo suggests a time to get your priorities in order and consciously go about streamlining things. The key word now is efficient. This New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo is aspected by the Saturn in Sagittarius ‘Square’ Neptune in Pisces retrograde transit.

This entire symbolism suggests that there may be dynamic internal confusion, frustration with the feeling of “suspended animation” regarding inspirations are held in a holding space and perhaps things are not moving fast and quick in reality. It is possible to feel fatigue and even question things in your life now. The value to this process now is that you are able to weed out limiting beliefs and lack of faith to adjust your inner alignment so you are expressing with integrity to bring dreams into tangible reality which is the potential of the Saturn/Neptune transit.

Some people may be seriously contemplating the next steps that need to be taken with faith and trust towards creating lasting happiness, accessing greater joy as well as integrating Spirituality into daily life.

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo certainly provides the symbolic support to become conscious and seek what is healthy, nutritious and of practical help. Virgo symbolizes the importance to honor rhythm and timing, hygiene on all levels including energetic as well as proper health and wellness. Therefore, it is a wonderful opportunity to refine your daily rhythm and even your Spiritual practice.

A great question to ask yourself is how you are being of service to life and others? Is it through a grounded approach or through thoughts and ideas alone? New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo symbolizes down to earth ways of helping, being of service and being present to your life.  Contemplation lands in the lap of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo which is underway now. It is a lovely time to rethink, revise and readjust priorities. What is your intention? What is the plan of action? What are the small steps to get the momentum going for big leaps with precision?  The pace of communication may be slower than normal and possible delays. What’s the rush?  There is a Season and timing to all things.

Suggested Intention for the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo:
“I honor the higher rhythm and timing of my life unfolding.
“I AM efficient”
“I embrace being grounded and taking steps in increments.”

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Happy New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Virgo!

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