“Harmonious Collaborations” – Jupiter in Libra Transit – Sept. 9th, 2016 – October 2017

Jupiter is now transiting through Libra. This is a gorgeous transit all in all. The key theme is expansion around harmonious relationships, collaborations and alliances of all kinds. With the sign of Libra, the focus shifts into how to create win-win dynamics and consideration for all parties involved. This extends to so many types of relationships human, plant, animal, Earth, environment, friends, stars, Universe, the elements, and so forth.

Jupiter’s transits symbolize expansion in Consciousness. Libra is an air element and cardinal mode of energy expression. This astrological sign is interested in dialogue and then initiating change or action that will uplift everyone.

Therefore Jupiter in Libra symbolizes expansion in conscious awareness in the “We Consciousness.”  How does this impact us?  What do we need to do to mature, heal and transform? There may be limiting beliefs that arise around love, romance, relationships, harmony, beauty and balance. Jupiter’s transit through Libra will encourage each person to closely examine and make changes to increase joy in relationships as much as let go of dysfunction in relationships.

As much as there is growth, learning and integration in choosing to have relationships based in mutual respect there will be equally a big focus on what is generating discord, co-dependency and off-balance. Everyone will need to establish common ground in new relationships and nurture the existing common ground (or revamp) things for the actual consciousness of the Relationship itself to evolve.

There is potential for powerfully alliances and harmonious collaborations of all kinds both, personal, business, Spiritual and non-physical. Sharpening and application of relating and conflict resolution skills will be useful now. Working with unhealthy Energetic Ties is imperative.  When we really look at the bigger vision, we have to think outside of the logistics of limited scope of the mind with this transit.

Another key theme is “cooperation not competition.” When we see the Divine/Soul in another and choose to lift them to their highest expression of love and empowerment, we then are equally lifted into a similar vibrational state. Jupiter’s transit through Libra is actually beautiful because it wants to increase beauty both inside and out.

It is possible for issues and themes around relationships to arise that requires healing, transformation and re-balancing. Since balance is dynamic and not static, it may be another round of mutual growth and allowing for greater abundance of all kinds.

The major Cosmic sparkle to be on the look out for is the dynamic “T-Square” aspect that forms between transiting Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. It begins approximately in November 2016 through March 2017.  Highly creative, full of surprises and revelations as well as incredibly unusual opportunities through unusual alliances and collaborations. Test the waters, make sure the basic qualities are there before you jump in through impulse rather than listening to inner guidance. Expect the unexpected during this time, whatever upsets the apple cart is a positive thing for this means creative bubblings are underway and the old order no longer fits and something innovative needs to fill in the gaps.

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