Celestial Twinkle: Mars in Capricorn – September 27th, 2016

The planet that symbolizes “action” Mars moves into the pragmatic sign of Capricorn on September 27th, 2016 until about November 8th, 2016. This represents a time for careful conservative actions based in integrity and wisdom.

Mars symbolism invites each person to take a  closer look at courage, temperament, ego/identity as well as the ability to express confidence. Mars in Capricorn suggests the potential for mastery, ability to delegate and make executive decisions as well as take grounded actions for the highest good for all.  This placement of Mars, provides the potential for maturity and inspiring others to use grounded wisdom in their approach to anything in life. It knows when to be self-sufficient and when to delegate tasks to those who are capable to fulfill things to the end. Capricorn is an Earth sign and cardinal mode of energy. This suggests a very dynamic initiating Earth sign who is interested in making things happen and igniting change to experience lasting tangible results.

Mars in Capricorn does tend to want to take action for long-term success and so each step is carefully planned and aligned for the greatest achievement. It’s like a slow climb up the mountain until one arrives to the peak. Then taking the time to savor the achievement before beginning the next journey.

With this transit, patience and perseverance is essential to the end result. Mars in Capricorn looks at obstacles with a realistic approach and knows each challenge is the opportunity to advance with mastery. Although, this transit we may find that we desire for things to be more concrete and defined before taking any action.

“From September 30th – October 7th, 2016 —
Mars in Capricorn ‘squares’ Jupiter in Libra
. This symbolism suggests the need for moderation as there may be too much of a good thing. This aspect brings up awareness up big or a lot of tension which stimulates the need for transformation around being codependent and being self-sufficient. There is a way to work in relationship or partnership while being self-reliant to take care of your part as your responsibility while working in cooperation with the “other.”  It may require some adjustments and honesty while having clear lines of communication with others. This may show up in emotions and feelings, work, projects and so forth. Mars/Jupiter transit suggests the desire to expand while being pragmatic and keeping an eye on moderation. If you have been too rigid and defined, this transit may ignite change to re-balance things. This powerful symbolism combines the best of bringing a higher vision of collaboration and partnership down to earth with each taking equal responsibility create harmonious results.

Building from October 17th, 2016
Mars in Capricorn ‘ conjuncts’ transiting Pluto in Capricorn at 15 degrees. This symbolizes incredibly potent raw energy looking to be directed into a constructive outlet for long-term success. Now, how this symbolism and energy plays out in your life depends on how you consciously use it. Power must be tempered with wisdom and love. If left to its own devices or that of the egoic mind, this transit between Mars/Pluto in Capricorn may bring up deep fears, power, trust and control issues. Old fears may be drawn up and out so you can address them and reclaim your power. Make realistic choices followed up by action to change things. Possible ego battles and even deep rage or resentment, or old emotions surfacing for clearing away. This can be wonderful purging for the egoic mind though in resistance to change. Think of it as a time of surrendering the old behavior pattern(s) and create the willingness to dive into and transform the fear with strength and courage.

Then building up by October 25th, 2016 Mars in Capricorn makes a ‘square’ to Uranus in Aries retrograde. Expect the unexpected to wake you up now. Rise from your slumber of lethargic energy or avoidance. This symbolism suggests expected raw energy waiting to be unleashed from the box so to speak helping you to use your wisdom and to be assertive. There may be frustrations, shot fuses and power struggles that arise. Whatever has been trapped, stuck, limiting the energy building with this transit suggests a powerful desire to break free and experience freedom to be innovative and define a new way, path or option. Again, depending on if you work with the inner tension as it makes itself known, then you can conscious channel this into healthy outlets. Mars/Uranus is another very potent combination and symbolism. So it is wise not to allow anger, rage or irritations to build up, rather, to feel them, channel them into exercise and process it all. This transit is out of range by November 1st, 2016

Under both transits, Mars in Capricorn has the symbolism and energy to help us keep our feet on the ground, use a conservative approach and allow wisdom to help navigate the choppy waters which are helping each towards evolving and healing as well as reclaiming power and expanding love.

Overall, from my perspective this transit of Mars in Capricorn is going to be anything but boring or dry! I would say….expect the unexpected. Allow yourself to walk a path that has an intention (framework) without clinging to old definitions. It is an exciting time to take step and expand in leaps and bounds. Remain flexible, use your wisdom and most of all its time to balance thinking about self and others as to create harmony rather than promoting discord and off-balance.

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