Overview: New Moon in Libra – September 30th, 2016

The New Moon in Libra at 8 degrees on September 30th, 2016. The quality of this new moon has a feeling of peace and hope as transiting Jupiter in Libra is nearby to symbolically add hope and expanded vision things. This is a time where new romance may bloom, not just with others yet, being love towards yourself as well.

The Sun and Moon unite in the partnership oriented sign of Libra. The main focus is being in relationships which are based in integrity, love, mutual respect and are equal in nature. From my perspective, it feels as if there is something “big” being energetically activated around new ways of relating and the potential of certain relationships to evolve to the next stage. What one is married to such as something that is empowering or some situation or relationship that is toxic makes a world of difference. The New Moon in Libra invites each to choose wisely what or whom you decide to marry, join with, collaborate with or partner with.

Libra is an air element and a cardinal mode of energy expression. Although this sign is caring about others and promote cooperation and consideration, it can be very…dynamic and ignite things to happen. Don’t mistake the refined approach for there is a potent energy to Libra that most do not realize or sense. During this lovely time, make it a choice to expand qualities such as harmony, equality, balance and peace for this aligns with the New Moon in Libra.

Mercury in Virgo (out of the retrograde phase and is direct) is building to an exact “opposition” to transiting Chiron in Pisces retrograde. This suggests the potential for communication which blends practicality and compassion by seeing the bigger picture and honoring the details.

The New Moon in Libra heralds a time to examine the relationship you hold within yourself, with life and the Divine. It is a wonderful time to partner with your Wisdom Self/Soul, the Divine and Life in a new way. Relationships and love extends to all forms of life not just human beings. Being in a relationship that is full of harmony, respect and love is one that uplifts all that are involved.

Suggestions for New Moon in Libra Intention:
“I AM Willing to Cooperate with Others”
“I approve of Myself and choices in life”
“I AM in Harmony within myself, with life, the Divine and Others”

Thanks for reading this article! Wishes for a harmony-filled New Moon in Libra


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