Celestial Twinkle: Jupiter ‘Square’ Pluto Transit

“Successful Relationships; Beginning with Self”

We are on our way to building up to transiting Jupiter in Libra ‘Square’ Pluto in Capricorn which begins in November 2016 This particular transit begins in 2016 and continues through 2017. What are the possibilities and potentials?  By some astrologers, Jupiter/Pluto combinations are considered a “super success aspect.” Though which aspect they make with one another; square, trine, sextile, opposition will give the indication of how the energy needs to be expressed or what the challenges are.

Square aspects tend to bring inner tension and growth. It’s the “this no longer fits and is limiting” and now I have a choice to grow beyond that.” Square aspect in astrology is nothing to fear, rather, it is a needed and valuable building block to materializing in the physical world. Through slow steady progress, a lot is revealed and you don’t miss anything along the way. The greater the understanding the less resistance and more willingness to step into your own potential.

From my perspective,  this particular Jupiter ‘Square’ Pluto transit will amplify the deep desire to be successful in creating healthy dynamics in all kinds of relationships while remaining in integrity. There will be some challenges set up to overcome such as limited beliefs, old pain and even limitations yet it is one of those aspects which still brings a positive spin to things. There may be a powerful driving desire to initiate changes to bring about success and equality to any project, plan, relationship or creative venture.  The potential also is to cultivate a healthier empowered relationship within yourself and then from that origin point move outwards with others, God/Divine/Source, life, animals and so forth.

It is likely that first round of this transit may bring up and amplify obsessive, compulsive, addictive behaviors or fear based methods to achieve the desired results. It is possible trust issues and codependency issues also come up to the surface. Hidden off-balance patterns will first arise for awareness. There will be important realizations about trust, integrity and cooperation with others.

Some things may not look or feel pretty yet what is surfacing is needed for the next stage of growth and empowerment. Next comes a choice. Each person will have a choice to make; continue on the current path and behavior or find a way to choose something more healthy and empowering. Patience to honor timing in all things will be really helpful.

This is a beautiful opportunity for powerful growth, deepening intimacy and connection within self and others as well as creating building blocks to new relationships. Find what you are grateful for within the challenge. The point you focus all your energy and attention on will either help you rise above and move forward in transforming the pattern and limitation or it will keep you stuck. And just a FYI, with Jupiter/Pluto transit when frustration comes up it will be big, intense and a lot of it. There can be tremendous success and accomplishment under a Jupiter/Pluto transit. It is a feeling of deep inner satisfaction of sincere efforts and appreciating the ups and downs along the way.

Jupiter in Libra ‘Square’ Pluto in Capricorn is going to be a part of a extra..potent.. Cardinal “T-Square” that involves transiting Uranus from 2016 into 2017. It is a highly dynamic creative energy that will be bringing in expansive changes and opportunities. How you decide to work alongside of it is up to you. There is potential for

Points of the transit:
-November. 24th, 2016
-March 30th, 2017
-August 4th, 2017

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