Overview: Full Moon in Taurus – November 14th, 2016

The rich fertile energy of the Full Moon in Taurus at 22 degrees on November 14th, 2016 reminds each to value the physical world yet remember that everything originates in the non-physical world. Practicing staying true to Spiritual values or healing the wound around self-worth  is part of this particular full moon phase as the Full Moon in Taurus makes an aspect to transiting Chiron in Pisces.

This Full Moon is also a “Super Moon” which in the simplest way to describe it is that the emotional level may feel really super heightened. This is due to the Moon being the closest to the Earth. Perhaps there can be earth shake ups, emotional shake ups all in line with evolution.

The Sun in Scorpio Opposition to Moon in Taurus suggests the need to strike a balance between the emotional and physical, from the water element (Scorpio) to the earth element (Taurus). Taurus is a fixed mode of energy expression and an earth element. Therefore the Moon in Taurus suggests the tendency to be down to earth and practical when nurturing or attending to the day-to-day needs. The astrological sign of Taurus desires to savor each experiences with all of its senses. Take your time to savor all that has transpired, all that is arising and all that will be.

What is it that you deeply desire? And not just money, clothes, food and so forth. What is it that you deeply desire with your heart and Soul? This is a great question under this Super Full Moon in Taurus. Sometimes, the sign of Taurus, as do most fixed astrological signs, resist change. A person can say “I am all about evolution and growth” and in the next breath say “I don’t like change, or to let go.”  This is a direct conflict and will create huge stagnation.

It is wise to accept the Universal Truth that change is constant. In this you flow with life therefore you are in harmony with the flow of abundance. Unhealthy Attachment to things, people, places and items may show up now and give insight as to where the “flow” is blocked therefore abundance is stagnated too.

The Full Moon in Taurus also brings an illuminating message of “feel into how valuable and worthy you are.” If you don’t who will? Your life will reflect the lack of self-worth over and over again. Rather than focusing on money, bring your focus towards feeling worthy and heal the pain where you know all this began. With this you unleash trapped energy that could help you draw in more abundance into your life in various ways. Keep steadfast (Full Moon in Taurus) to faith in the bigger picture (Saturn in Sagittarius. Heal the wounds that make you think you are separate from the Divine (Chiron in Pisces) and dissolve beliefs that are no longer creating healthy relationship to ….anything and anyone.

Choice plays a big part with this Full Moon in Taurus. The choice you make will determine where your energy is invested and the desired results or lack of results. With each choice an action will bring motion to the choice. If you procrastinate, there are consequences. If you are lazy and avoid, there are consequences. If you are not fully grounded energetically (in the body) there are consequences. Life is not against you (limited belief), you have set things in motion that will give back a direct reflection of what you are or are not doing in your life.

The Full Moon in Taurus symbolism provides concrete feedback of your physical body, reality and all that is happening here and now. If you are really present and grounded. When you are really grounded, there is nothing you can’t accomplish and even empty out of the body especially stress.

Jupiter in Libra ‘Square’ Pluto in Capricorn aspect is continuing to build. Big intensity and a lot of creative energy waiting to be channeled into healthy outlets. One potential is to align with all that is life-enhancing and allow the fears, grief and anxiety to cleanse away through choice and action. Some big limitation may be experienced, like being squeezed inside of a box…that you put yourself in at some point through beliefs or fears or whatever is evident now. You don’t have to wallow in it. Make a new choice and find an empowering way out. There is a solution. Some people may have issues in relationships, or with relationship with food or money, standing in their truth or power in relationships and so forth. These are all opportunities to overcome the inner most fears and lack consciousness.

The time is coming near. No, not the end of the year. The dynamic “T-Square” transit of Jupiter/Uranus and Pluto. “Action is next..” Why sit in fear, anxiety, what is unhealthy?  The tension of this transit will prompt the need for action and movement.
The pace will quicken and unexpected situations will arise. New relationships will form. Sustained joy may be experienced. Big strides and breakthroughs very likely.

Keep your head facing forward rather than turning to be stuck in the past. Be willing to choose to remain aligned with all that is healthy, good and empowering. Big shifts and changes will happen or need to happen for certain outcomes. There will be an abundance of possibilities. Your inner most Being/Soul knows. If you are uncertain or need help clarifying – reach out to someone you trust to help offer clarity.

Suggested Intention for the Full Moon in Taurus:
“As I let go, I open to receive.”
“As I am in the flow of change, I am abundant in all ways.”

Thanks for reading!
Happy Super Taurus Full Moon, be in the “flow” of abundance.


© Copyright 2016 ~ Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved


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