Overview: Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo – February 10th, 2017

Leading up to the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo at 22 degrees on February 10th, 2017, there may be a need for more laughter or joy or any colorful emotions along the spectrum. The Inner Child may really want to express what has been buried deep inside the heart, mind, and body. During a Full Moon phase, the emotional tides are heightened and with the added influence and symbolism of a Lunar Eclipse, allow plenty of space for the flow of tears or pent up emotions to arise. Certain statements made now will be bold and tend to have an impact to either stimulate action or to dominate.

I’ve said this before yet it is worth repeating. Astrology as a sophisticated symbol system yet it does not always promise roses and rainbows. It does however provide a  valuable road map of potentials and opportunities as well as challenges. It will also help each individual to consciously navigate the cycles of development and evolution.

In astrology, a Lunar Eclipse phase is not something to be afraid of or become superstitious over. It occurs during a full moon phase. It is an incredible opportunity. It’s an illumination of a path, or behavior that needs to come to a closure or ending. The Lunar Eclipse phase symbolizes a major turning point of an ending of a chapter,  letting go, surrendering to a higher path and even a death of some kind, this may be symbolic or at times literal. This is part one of the pair of eclipses. The Solar Eclipse happens at the end of the month which signifies new beginnings.

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo attunes one to the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo. The Leo/Aquarius axis symbolizes individual expression (Leo) and group expression (Aquarius).  Leo is a fire element and a fixed mode of energy. Leo at its optimal suggests authenticity of expression from the heart’s wisdom and the joy of creativity. The longing for expansion of love and acceptance without judgments is strong now. It has its own heart beat in a way. If you really listen, you will discover so much under the Full Moon in Leo and Lunar Eclipse.

This sign knows how to be dramatic, colorful and generous. Being a fixed mode of energy, it helps to concentrate, root or follow through to the end. If the sign of Leo becomes off-balance it may tend to be overly rigid, attempt to dominate, be overly willful, stubborn and or attached. It can go to this direction as well: “creating melodrama for attracting any kind of attention even negative attention.”

One key theme around this Full Moon in Leo is about what inhibits joy or allows for greater expression of joy and creativity. It’s taking a look at being “heart healthy” beyond the physical level and into the emotional and Spiritual. How do you learn to discern between the heart’s wisdom and the egoic mind’s imposing thoughts?

Another key theme is around loving self and others. If there is a wound, grief or stagnant energy being held in the heart energy center (heart chakra) then you may feel the heavy weight or the Inner Child may be wanting to act out. If you pay attention to the Inner Child, it will not have a need to get your attention by reacting in a way that is upsetting or out of control.

The third key theme is around empowering conscious parenting not just to your physical child/ren, but most importantly, on a psychological level to your Inner Child. When the emotional and psychological foundation is healthy, the Inner Child is lovingly guided and properly parented, there is a healthier baseline for external relationships instead of demands, tantrums and attention seeking behavior.

Another emphasis of this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo is about “self-image.” Letting go of an old identity or self-image allows more of your authentic self to emerge and express itself. The struggle becomes real when the egoic mind has over-identified with the self-image and identity and the grip is strong to keep one locked in place rather than moving with life and evolution. Find out where the grip is being held in the physical body. That will offer greater understanding. The choice to let go is best made from a heart-space than the logical mind. Emotions may spill out as the past unresolved issue visibly shows itself.

The Moon in Leo makes a harmonious ‘Trine’ to transiting Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. This provides the energy for helpful stabilizing expression of emotions as well as grounded action towards liberating yourself from past restrictions and pain. There may be sudden or unusual breakthroughs which may stimulate joy, laughter and even emotional relief. These aspects create a nice balancing factor to the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo. There may be creative collaborations and inspirational ideas that suddenly click together. When one willingly moves with life than resisting it, there is a natural synchronicity that unfolds. Amazing experiences may reveal how in sync you are with life and possibly with others whom you resonate with. Be in gratitude for this.

Venus in Aries is in its shadow as of January 31st, 2017. This represents a building towards the retrograde phase (introspective) which begins early March 2017. There are noticeable themes and issues coming up around  love, romance, relationships (personal and business), self-worth, values, finances and abundance as well as creativity. The eclipses this month in one way activate things, like a key turning in the lock to open up a door. There may be a restlessness in the air around relationships of all kinds. It is possible during this build up phase that fears, anxieties and old issues that have not been healed come up. More on this soon.

It is worth it to notice:
The last few months has brought a symbolic and or literal magnification to issues around relationships, peace, justice and codependency. There is a continuation of these themes and the importance in addressing the key points for transformation, healing and lasting change. In other words, both on a personal and collective level certain inflamed issues will not be going away anytime soon. The best suggestion is to digest the experiences and extract the Spiritual insight from the important ones. Take initiative and have the courage to really go deeper into addressing underlying pain or fear. This transit is Jupiter in Libra retrograde ‘Opposition’ Uranus in Aries ‘Square’ Pluto in Capricorn. A time for action is needed. The Call  was sent out over the last few years.

Saturn in Sagittarius ‘Square’ Chiron in Pisces is happening as well. This transit may bring up lack of faith in the bigger picture so that you may transform it. Others may be challenging you to go deeper into having faith in the higher power/Divine and yourself. Another factor with this transit between Saturn/Chiron is being realistic about application of higher knowledge in daily life. You can accumulate knowledge, but without applying it, you miss out on if it is actually of value and use. With this transit, it is possible to experience raw sensitivity. This offers the direction as to where things need to heal. There needs to be an emotional healing to open up the flow of energy as well as letting go of the self-imposed limiting beliefs and fear that has created the box to begin with.

Which trauma or pain created a unhealthy skewed belief or belief system to begin with? A disconnect to God/Divine or Life is possible. Reflection, internal change and pragmatic healing of the heart and mind is needed. There is an opportunity to bridge the gap between human and Spirit (dissolving separation) which is essential with this transit. Patience, wisdom and compassion will help support this inner transformation process.

“I AM love in all expressions in all ways”
“I AM willing”
“I choose to express my creativity with ease”

Thanks for reading this article and enjoy the closure during the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo.

© Copyright 2017 ~ Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved


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