Overview: Full Moon in Virgo – March 12th, 2017

The Full Moon in Virgo at 23+ degrees occurs on March 12th, 2017. This suggests a time to refine your approach to emotional well-being and find grounded ways to heal past painful emotions. There is a pull to concentrate on a particular issue or area now. Things can be sorted through so there is greater order to things or past experiences.

The Sun is in Pisces (water element) Opposition to the Moon in Virgo (earth element). This suggests the need to strike a balance between Spiritual and Physical, Going with the Flow and the need for Methodical. If you feel uptight and anxious, use the quality of Pisces (gentleness, acceptance, allowing) and if you feel too wishy-washy and unable to focus, use the quality of Virgo (precise, exacting, organizing).

The astrological sign of Virgo tends to feel at ease organizing, sorting, labeling, analyzing. It this sign’s strength. Use it well.  When it becomes off-balance is that cleaning and organizing is used for avoidance as well as distraction from “feeling” into things and being rather than producing.

The Full Moon in Virgo invites each person to realize that the physical body is the last to experience the off-balance. It all begins energetically and impacts the physical level last. So if you are looking at an issue in detail and only addressing the physical component, you may need to step back and examine other levels that are linked up with the physical sensations as well. The symbolism of Virgo teaches each person about streamlining and prioritizing yet it can be done with ease and with relaxation.

Doubt and second guessing will be highlighted now. It is the close friend of the egoic mind. The egoic mind would rather keep you stuck in the limitation or pain than venture into uncharted terrain in the unknown. So it throws out “doubts this, second guess that.” When you consciously engage in contemplation or reflection it is with discernment you review allowing for your Wisdom Self/Soul to guide you or others whom you trust to offer some feedback to support the process of gaining clarity.

Take a closer look at where you steer away from faith and over-analyze a decision or action. How often do you engage in doubting, self-sabotage, victim-hood as well as being hyper-critical. Constantly seeking perfection may create an uptight nervous tension in yourself and others. Embrace the beauty within the imperfection. Allow for subtle nuances to lead you to a new realization.

The emotionally charged or raw spots will show up in your interactions, in the body as well as the bunched up emotions that are held tightly (controlled) inside. In those instances, compassion, forgiveness, relaxation and gentleness will be needed to soften the emotions for real emotional healing to take place and not the idea of  healing to take place.

This Full Moon in Virgo makes an aspect to transiting Chiron in Pisces and transiting Saturn in Sagittarius symbolizing the importance of compassionate emotional healing and well-being into the physical body. The light shines on the wound that requires healing or emotions that need to be felt through completely You may realize the burden you carry or how much you took on in a certain situation.

How can you let go and Surrender and allow the Divine to step in or to let go all that is no longer your responsibility? Where do you need to bridge the gap to get to a place of forgiveness and peace by perceiving the bigger picture of the situation? What areas do you need to set new healthy boundaries? Limiting beliefs that contain victim-hood may surface for transformation and shifts.

Also happening now, Mercury as entered the sign of courageous Aries. Conversations become passionate with a singular focus. Let that focus be motivating and encouraging rather than sharp and aggressive. Ideas which promote clear action seem to stand out and ignite spontaneity.

Venus in Aries currently retrograde suggests a time to revise, review and reflect on love, relationships, values, creative energy as well as finances. It may not be the time to take major action yet small acts of demonstrating courage to open up and express love or vulnerability allows for healing and authentic interactions. Lead the way through your action and value your strength when you are vulnerable as it is a Soul quality not a weakness like the egoic mind thinks.

The message during the Full Moon in Virgo is direct. Clear the pathway of any obstructions you are able to. Move forward in faith and understanding that even the most painful of pasts contains Spiritual Gems of healing, wisdom and love. Shed the doubt, embrace the knowingness.
Suggested Intentions:
I AM Willing to Let go of doubt and embrace faith
I AM attentive to details
I choose to blend methodical and relaxation
I choose to see the beauty within the imperfection.

Thanks for reading this article.
Wishes for a Happy Full Moon in Virgo  and cheers to organization.


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