Energetic Landscape for April 6th, 2017

Today’s Potential:


Some serious business happening with Saturn in Sagittarius symbolically shifting into retrograde phase (introspection) bringing up themes around where you have matured, concentrated and strengthened faith as well as sustained new levels of joy over the last several months. This transit also symbolizes the need to be realistic as well as dissolve limiting beliefs.

Saturn shifts into Retrograde phase while making a tense aspect to Venus retrograde and Chiron in Pisces. This suggests the deep wound around where you have imposed limitations and control out of need to accomplish and possible fear of failure. This may be expressing itself in relationships with others. Be forgiving and yet implement healthy boundaries. Now is the time to go within, expand self-worth and value. Bring greater compassion, gentleness and love into yourself and others or a situation in a practical way. Make the time, no excuses.

There may be unexpected surprises that materialize today. It may bring great happiness and joy to the Inner Child. Engage in simple pleasures and leave plenty of room for spontaneity today. There is fiery passion to get things going or done with a wave of positivity to boost you and others onto higher ground.

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