Overview: Full Moon in Libra – April 10th/11th, 2017

The need for sudden changes in any given relationship dynamic may be strong during the Full Moon in Libra at 21 degrees on April 10th/11th, 2017 depending on your timezone.  Whatever the habit or issue is that is upsetting the delicate balance either within yourself or with the ‘other’ even with life or the Divine/God will be illuminated.

The astrological sign of Libra is an air element and a cardinal mode of energy expression. Therefore Libra is quite dynamic and social yet it will be considerate of others sometimes far too long. The equation that may help is “myself AND the other person” rather than only or all about the other person all the time and putting yourself in lack all the time.  If you do not consider yourself equal or equally important to receive love and feeling valued, that will be reflected back to you in all types of relationships. There will be a perpetual off-balance as well as frustration within you. This is one of the key themes now.

During this full moon phase, the Sun is in Aries ‘Opposition’ to the Moon in Libra. This suggests the tension of the “I and We” yet it can be brought into harmony with the appropriate approach and heart-felt finesse. What needs to be illuminated about the dynamics of a relationship will show up. For some people, it may be a restlessness and need for some type of real change to promote growth and expand love.

The potential and symbolism of the Full Moon in Libra is about the richness and trust when there is a harmonious partnership based on mutual respect, trust and love. It is the “Art of Relationship.” There can be a basic structure yet there needs to be a intuitive flow too. Then there is a feeling of harmony and peace that is felt.

Don’t wait on others to change things. If you want respect, respect yourself. If you want to feel valued, value yourself. If you want to feel at ease in being yourself, don’t wait for someone’s approval or acceptance. You give it to yourself. With a fiery vibe added to this Full Moon in Libra, the prompt is: You take the lead and allow others to join you in the same frequency. Take time for reflection as it may give you helpful insights.

Transiting Uranus in Aries at 24 degrees is making an aspect to the Full Moon in Libra. This symbolizes potential for sudden or abrupt emotional clarity and or unexpected realizations about what you deeply long for in a relationship. It is possible that sudden eruptions of emotions or disruptions due to conflicts occur now.

Someone or something may suddenly trigger the right point to activate emotions. With Jupiter retrograde in Libra making a wide aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, it is possible for things to be amplified and intensified to certain levels. Pay attention to the uprising of compulsive, oppressive and dominating energies as they are there for transformation and implementing of new healthy assertive boundaries.

What is worth noticing:
Venus is in Pisces still retrograde and Mercury in Taurus is now retrograde. So being introspective is really needed now as is contemplating the unresolved issue(s) of the past that are in front of you. What are your needs? Relationship needs? Do you feel valued? Is this relationship of value? Are both of you working towards increasing trust and intimacy in a personal relationship?

Which limited beliefs are creating stagnation in abundance, love and feeling valued? Some changes may require patience and better understanding. It is possible to encounter slowing down, delays or re-routing. Yet, see the value of the slowing down. Perhaps it is to help you not to be irrational or gain a more crystal clear realization of the dysfunctional pattern or pain as a part of the relationship.

With Venus retrograde conjunct Chiron in Pisces while a “square” to Saturn in Sagittarius retrograde, it’s time to willingly take responsibility and let go. Let go in the simplest sense possible with your full heart. The ‘wound’ whatever that is for you inside is prominent. You deserve to be free of the pain. Let go so you are able to heal and relinquish the pain or sorrow and any disappointments. There is a deep abiding love within you. Touch upon it and feels its comfort.

Suggestion for Intention for the Full Moon in Libra:
“I AM Willing to let go and embrace harmony”
“I AM deserving of the love that I give others.”
“I AM a part of the equation of giving and receiving to others.”

The insightful message of the Full Moon in Libra this time around is that of perceiving with clarity and accepting the truth of where the discord truly is. And recognizing that yes, you do have the power to change things. The Full Moon in Libra invites each to return to feeling an inner harmony and union with Soul and the Divine. Thus this loving and empowering relationship then extends in a respectful balanced way out into the world with others.

Wishes for restorative Full Moon in Libra!
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