Mercury Re-enters Taurus -May 16th, 2017

Mercury the planet that symbolizes communication, thinking and gathering facts/data moves into the earthy sign of Taurus for a second time on May 16th, 2017.  Mercury went retrograde in Taurus few weeks ago. A wonderful way to work with Mercury in Taurus is to use concrete visuals and tangible examples when conveying ideas.

The astrological sign of Taurus is an earth element therefore using real life examples and visuals that evoke one of the five senses will help now. Mercury in Taurus symbolizes communicating ideas and thoughts which hold high value. By perceiving yourself with the lens that you are worthy and valuable you then will spot other things and people in life that carry similar energy. Or you will quickly notice when you are not being treated with respect or shown value in the way you deserve and with that you can make choices accordingly.

This transit of Mercury in Taurus also helps to test ideas out into reality. Do they hold up in day to day life? Does the concept work or does it need fine tuning? Conversations may take on a more earthy sensual energy such as taking your time to tell a story or using sights, sounds or smells create a well rounded experience.

With Taurus being a fixed mode of energy expression, Mercury’s transit in Taurus may help with concentration towards completion of a task or project or may generate friction due to being overly stubborn. Mercury in Taurus suggests taking time to take in everything before jumping to conclusions.

It’s like a warm Spring day, sipping ice tea, being in the garden and having a great conversation about what really matters and is of value in life. Imagine the simplicity and how easy it is to savor such an experience. Even thought processes can be more grounded or planted on the Earth and carefully sculpted to cultivate the mind-set that is life-enhancing.

As Mercury continues through Taurus and moves past the degree it went retrograde, there are “new beginnings and possibilities” emerging in communication pathways flowing easier (in a general sense, your personal Natal Chart will reveal more) as well as the pace of information quickens again. If you have been waiting for signals to resolve something that is important, as Mercury moves further into Taurus, the timing opens up.

Mercury in Taurus brings the symbolic message of having a steadfast mindset of savoring life experiences by slowing down mentally and taking everything in. Embrace what is of value and is fully life-enhancing. Let those ideas, thoughts and mental attitudes go which creating a contradiction or sluggishness. Trust you will feel the difference if you are more aware.


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